Lost cupcakes!

By on May 30th, 2010 . Filed under: Cupcake Ideas .

It seems that everyone is talking about nothing else but the big finale of Lost, after 6 seasons it all came to an end last week.  But  there is little agreement on whether the ending was all it could have been.  But for one cupcake baker it was!

Bonnie hosted her own Lost Party and got ultra creative in the kitchen after being inspired by MSNBC.com’s article on how to throw the “ultimate Lost finale party”. Letting her imagination run wild, she made a series of funky cupcakes to serve alongside her ‘Lost’ branded soda, chips and chocolate.

She wishes she had more time to create more of the iconic figures from the show, but at least she made Vincent.  Who incidentally is still a ‘survivor’ as she has not been able to bring herself to eat him.

As to the finale?  Bonnie give it a resounding thumbs up and I give her thumbs up on these awesome cupcakes!

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