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I know I have said this before but it is worth saying again: I love Etsy!  Where else can you find millions of amazing and unique handmade cupcake items all in one place? 

This week’s sweet giveaway comes to you from Etsy seller, Kidscakes.  In her shop you can find custom handmade fondant cupcake toppers perfect for your kids’ birthday parties and other special occasions.  I was so pleased to open a  package containing these little lovelies:

Each one was well-made and oh-so-cute.  These toppers are an easy way to embellish your cupcake creations.   

This week, Kidscakes is giving away one set (winner’s choice) of fondant toppers.  Just go the their Etsy shop then come back to ATC and click on the comment area below.  Tell us what topper you would pick to win AND what topper you think Kidscakes should make next.   One winner will be chosen on Monday, May 24th.  Special thanks to Kidscakes for sponsoring this giveaway! 


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85 Responses to Cupcake Topper Giveaway

  1. Kim B

    These were so magnificent! I loved them all, but would pick the owls as my favorite. My suggestion for what you should make next are little robots, I bet you would do an amazing job on them.

  2. Talia L

    These are all so cute!! I have to say the strawberries are my favorite. I would love to see little vegetables. lol I am preggo with my 3rd and last baby and the theme of our baby shower is gonna be “My Little Sprout”. Little Veggies would be adorable on cupcakes!!

  3. Michellene

    I totally want the number “1” cupcake toppers for my daughters bday. The next ones they should make are cupcake shaped toppers.

  4. Lina

    The owls are definitely my favorites. Next you could try making some mini cupcakes as toppers, assuming you don’t think that’s too redundant.

  5. Judy G.

    The soccer toppers are so cute! My son’s birthday theme this year will be All-Sports, so my pick would be Soccer topper for sure. The next topper should be basketball!

  6. barb

    Oh my! I’d definitely take those darling colorful ice cream cones! Rainbows would also be pretty cool in my book. I’d also like to see some patriotic ones.

  7. Bari

    Oh…. they just kept getting cuter and CUTER: Fish, frogs, airplanes, and then little FACES!!! Loved these.

  8. Jenna

    It’s too hard to choose my favorite, especially between the owls and the monkeys. I think I have to go with the owls, though! They are all so great, for sure.
    Hm, and as far as what should come next, I second the robot idea and was also going to suggest cupcakes, but I think flamingos would be the best.

  9. Carly

    i love the owls. robots or penguins would be adorable cuppy toppers :)

  10. Michelle

    LOVE the brown monkeys…the owls are so cute too. My daughter is into peace signs right now, so that would be cute. Or more little animals considering the ones you already made are adorable!

  11. Jordan

    Love the strawberriesss <3 I think they should make some Minnie and Mickey Mouse toppers. Those would be so lovely!

  12. Amanda

    I loved the owls! However, if I was going to pick something that they should make in the future it would have to be veggies of some kind. I think they would look great on a carrot cake cupcake!

  13. sara

    I LOVE the owl ones!! The strawberries are awesome too. Great giveaway!

  14. Liesel

    I love the clown fish toppers! My son is currently really into Nemo so he would love them!

  15. Heather C.

    LOVE the owls! Sooo cute! Too bad I am only now seeing this store. My twins bday is this weekend! BUT, I would love to see a ladybug topper -I have another kids bday coming up and could so use it!!

  16. Amber

    I love the caterpillars and mushrooms, so adorable! I would love to see them make umbrellas and rainbows and raindrops!

  17. Jessica Eubanks

    the castles and tiaras set is definitely my favorite, i adore it! i think it would be super cute to have cupcake shaped cupcake toppers, haha :)

  18. sara

    I would pick the monkeys for my daughter’s curious george birthday party! So adorable! I think they should make cupcakes next because I love cupcakes topped with cupcakes!

  19. Christina

    All of the designs are adorable and it is hard to choose, but having to choose…I love the little monkeys! They would go great on a chocolate cupcake with green frosting!
    I agree with Jordan and think Mickey and Minnie toppers would be great! Also maybe a cheerleader or field hockey theme would be nice!

  20. Stephanie

    I LOVE the owls! They are so cute! I would love to see some rockets or planets, some kind of space theme (my 18-month-old loves anything having to do with space)!

  21. adrian

    I love them all, but the frog princess & tiaras are so whimsical.
    I would like to see some retro toppers like records & big loopy daisies.

  22. Chloe

    I would love the heart cupcake toppers. I think they should do some Tiara toppers that stand up and more baby toppers, like pacifiers, diapers and bottles – they would be soo cute

  23. Ashley :)

    I love the Clownfish toppers!!! Clownfish are my favorite animal, and I must admit that I smiled when I saw them.
    The fact that you have 3D ones is super impressive!

    I think that a seahorse would be adorable as well!

    Nice work!

  24. Kelly

    OMG! These are sooo cute! I love the caterpillars and mushrooms! How about little cupcake ones? Awesome work!!

  25. Mellie

    I would love to win the ice cream cones! I think little vinyl records for a 50s themed party would be sweet!

  26. Sheri

    I love the monkeys. There so cute and the kids think there very funny. Since I’m having a beach wedding I think like seashells, palm trees, wedding rings, or just married writting in flipflops would be great. Thanks.

  27. ShootingStarsMag

    I would love the Fondant Cupcake Toppers – Owls and I think some books or even a Winne-the-Pooh topper would be adorable!

  28. Beejay

    I like the owls! I’ve been on a little kick where I think owls are the cutest things! I would love to see initials for her next toppers!

  29. Chrissy

    I like the ice cream cones the best! I think they next batch they should make is mini mermaids!

  30. Lise'

    I think the purple and pink castles are lovely! My suggestion for a new design would be cats in fantasy colors.

  31. Ulla

    They’re all really qute! My favorites must be the aeroplanes. Hot-air balloons or little bids would also make nice new toppers.

  32. Christina D

    Oh wow…there are so many cute ones…the surfboards and flip flops are adorable and so are the little monkeys. But I would have to say it was love at first owl for me :-) Those little owls were just priceless!!!

  33. Alison

    I loved the flip flops! I wish she had robot ones since I have to make robot cupcakes soon for a 3 year old birthday party!

  34. Shon M

    I would have to say the ice cream cones are my favorite. Next, you should try teddy bears. Everyone loves teddy bears. I still do!

  35. Camila F.

    I love all toppers, but my favorite is the “Pink bows” one! Super cute! I would love if they made a lollipop topper.

  36. Jennifer H

    I would get the monkeys. I have niece that is due to make her appearance in the world in just 3 weeks, and her nursery theme is monkeys. I would make some yummy cupcakes with the monkeys on top to help celebrate her arrival.

    I would love to see some american flags, footballs, bicycles, and maybe some that would fit a sewing or quilting theme.

  37. Kathryn

    The caterpillar/mushroom toppers are so cute! I would love to see little cupcakes as toppers! You know we all have a love for “all things cupcake”!

  38. Angela S

    Hello! I really love the seashell fondant cupcake toppers! They would make any cupcake look so pretty! I would like to see Kidscakes make fondant cupcake toppers in the theme of crescent moons and stars! Adorable!

  39. Lisa Mantchev

    Absolutely loved the frog-and-crowns set!

    I will probably be hostessing a Scooby Doo birthday soon, so either puppies or dog bones next? Or a set of both! :D

  40. Rebecca

    I am torn between the owls & frogs. I love them both! I would love to see some buterfly ones.

  41. stacy

    These would totally take my cuppy’s to another level!

  42. Heather M.

    The owls!! I would definitely pick the owls. They’re beyond cute.
    I’d love to see some bumble bees and watermelons!! I really love watermelons in the summer!

  43. Mari

    They are adorable !

  44. Jennifer

    I love the ice cream cone ones and I think they should do Yo Gabba Gabba ones!!!!! :)

  45. Melissa

    I would choose the frog princess toppers – so cute! What a great etsy shop.

    I think that she should make awareness ribbon fondant toppers – specifically purple for Relay For Life (or even a Relay logo topper!).

  46. Melsh

    I loved the princess tiara toppers. I would love to see tea cup toppers to go along with tea time with my friends.

  47. Alexandra

    I really love the frog princess and crown toppers! Those frog eyes are too cute!

    I suggest making a drama/ballroom mask! My sister LOVES all things drama and always has drama themed birthdays. :D

  48. Vee

    I love the brown monkeys on the first page. Both the boy and girl monkeys are absolutely adorable.

  49. Breanne

    loving the icecream cones! I think making just plain old cupcake fondant designs would be super cute!!

  50. Sarah

    I LOVE the strawberries and the little green apples! I would love to see some palm trees, bumble bees or little cherries. Too cute!! :)

  51. Susan

    I love them all!!! I am a huge bee fan and think that bumble bees would be a great addition to the insect selection! :)

  52. Manette Gutterman

    I love the owls and the caterpillars. Darling!

  53. Brandi Thomas

    I’d choose the Pretty Flowers. And more flowers with different colors would be a great addition. You can never have too many flowers.

  54. Joyson

    Wow! Honestly, it was my first time to visit their shop and all designs are great!! haha. But my attention was particularly caught by Fondant Cupcake Toppers – Owls !!! :D

    I would like them to make chipmunk (can be Alvin :) ) topper and make it like it’s digging the cake! haha :)


  55. Doni

    I love the strawberry toppers and would love to see rainbows, or yo gabba gabba, or some awesome stars

  56. kathi

    They are all adorable but i would pick the frog prince ones .. the colors are so pretty!
    I would like to see rainbows and clouds or umbrellas and raindrops!

  57. Carley W.

    I love the strawberry ones, and the girl monkey. My Grandma used to call us her little strawberry girls and i would totally use them on my older sister’s cupcakes… Nice job these are really cute :)

  58. Nina

    I love the strawberry ones or the ice cream ones and would love to see some cupcake ones! Cupcake fondant toppers on cupcakes!

  59. Peg Linge

    I ADORE the ladybugs and ALL the flowers; the tulips are great! Goodness, I would have to say any of the flowers….probably the daisy!

  60. Sue

    I love those little blue monkeys. Our grandson’s 1st birthday is coming up and monkeys are definitely popular with him!

  61. Chelsea

    They’re all so adorable it’s hard to pick only one! The apples and ice creams are absolutely darling, but I believe I must say that the caterpillars and mushrooms are the best. So colorful and perfect for a summer get together. I would love to see little tiara shaped ones.

  62. Julie @ Willow Bird Baking

    I think I’d pick the little owls. So cute.

  63. Jasmine

    I LOVE the owls! They are so adorable! I’ve been obsessed with owls and cupcakes forever so owl toppers!?!?! Amazing! I would love to see some sun/moon toppers also or penguins?! :)

  64. maria roseli

    I love, love, love the lady bugs. I adore anything ladybug so they are def my favorite.

  65. maria roseli

    I love, love, love the lady bugs. I adore anything ladybug so they are def my favorite. I have teenagers and I’m a twi-mom so I would love to see some toppers with a black background and a white chess piece and one with a blk background with a red apple or a lil werewolf for a twilight themed party. We have them for dvd releases and movie releases. They would be a hit!

  66. Christine aka The Stampin' Ninja

    Okay, first off, I LOVE the owls! So cute! My son is a HUGE fan of Elmo and Thomas the Train so I don’t know if you could do either of those in fondant but those would make great cupcake toppers! We’re having a “sushi” theme 2nd birthday for him in July (he LOVES sushi) – any chance you could make slices of sushi out of fondant? I would buy those for the party in a heartbeat!

  67. Amy

    Oh my… pick just one?? :)

    Because green is my fav. color, I choose the apples (or frogs!) O my.. what a toughie.

    Ideas? Hmmm– Purses would be cute. :)


  68. Ronit

    I’d like to see toppers in the shape of ships. They would look great on light blue and blue cupcakes!

  69. Ronit

    I think my first post didn’t show up. :( I said that my fave item is the red electric guitars fondant

  70. Candace R

    Love the kissing fish ones. I would love to see something with zebra or leopard on it. :)

  71. Heather S

    I would choose the ‘Toadstools and Caterpillars’ toppers! So so cute! I would like to see them make Pandas!

  72. colleen

    I would choose the baseball toppers. My kids love sports so I would like to see basketball toppers next.

  73. Michelle Nothvogel

    Just like eveyone else has said, “They all rock.” I’d personally for sure choose the daisies. Yes, I love lots of others but the amazing daisies represent spring and they are the “Happy Flower.” I am a daisy and think thtey are perfect!


  74. Heather

    So adorable!!! I would pick the ladybugs as I’m hosting a ladybug part for my dd 1st. bday :). As far as what I would like to see next…maybe a crown (I saw the frog/castle ones and think a crown would be a wonderful addition)

  75. Suzanne

    I love these toppers! My favorites are the surfboards and the numbers for bdays.

    I would suggest watermelon slices, popsicles, bathing suits, or suns with points for rays. Being teacher, some school related items such as a pencil, eraser, piece of notebook paper, open book, scissors, or crayon would be cute to too use throughout the school year for themed activities.

  76. gustosa

    i love all the toppers.
    my fave is Fondant Cupcake Toppers – Castles, Tiaras

    i would like to see the hello kitty and mickey mouse toppers

  77. Hind&Hare

    My favorite :
    Next : cherry or fruits

  78. Wolf

    I love Fondant Cupcake Toppers – Ice Cream Cones :)

  79. Danielle

    WOW ~ Those are some cute toppers! I absolutely love the monkeys! The owls and the strawberries are sweet too! I’d love to see some cherries!

  80. Janet Bravo

    All the toppers were so cute. Since we’re in the season of dads and grads I think toppers that commemorate each would be awesome.

  81. Cera

    I would get the little clownfish toppers, they’re so darn cute! I would love to see more “boy” oriented toppers though like cars and trucks instead as it seemed like there were a lot of girlie ones.

  82. Lyudmila

    I pick the Fondant Cupcake Toppers – Strawberries

  83. This Week’s Winner | All Things Cupcake

    […] Lisa Mantchev May 18th, 2010 at 12:14 pm […]

  84. KidsCakes

    Hi there – KidsCakes here! Now that the giveaway has ended I just wanted to thank everyone who participated. I loved reading about all your favorites in my store and also about what you’d like to see next. You’ll see that the most requested item, “cupcakes”, has already been added to my store and more of your suggestions are being worked on currently.

    Thank you all again and congrats to the winner!


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