LeSportSac Cupcake Print

By on May 14th, 2010 . Filed under: Accessories, Gifts .

LeSportSac bags are always fun and unique, which is part of why I loved them so much.  I currently have a few different styles and patterns but after coming across this print, I think I might need another one.  You can never have too many bags right?  Especially when this one is covered in cupcakes!  The LeSportSac website offers the cupcake print on 23 different styles.  Zappos, which doesn’t charge for shipping, has the cupcake print available in two styles, Erika which I have with a different patter; It’s a great sized bag even for everyday use.  The other, slightly larger option is the Everygirl Tote.  Both of the styles offered by zappos are show below.

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2 Responses to LeSportSac Cupcake Print

  1. kell

    wow so cute. lesportsac knows how to do cupcakes right

  2. Nolan Chatcho

    Hi there, – spotted your current blog unintentionally while searching around the web this evening, and pleased that i did! I do like the design and colors, but I really should point out that I’m having trouble when it loads. I’m using OmniWeb45 browser for mac, and the header does not align correctly. i’m convinced I’ve employed an identical design on a customer’s web site, but the menu seems fine on mine. I imagine the fault is at this end & I’m guessing it’s the perfect time to change!

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