Forget Mud Pies!

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Spring time is often a wet and muddy time of year. So what can you do with your kids outside to make the best of it?  How about making some mud cupcakes! Check out this “recipe” from Family Fun.

Beyond Mud Pies: Mud Cupcakes

The classic mud pie needs no improving, but there may be days when your kids want to get more creative with their dirty work. That’s when old kitchen supplies come in handy, for these decorative cupcakes or for a more utilitarian variation: Mud Bricks.

  • Cupcake liners
  • Cupcake pan
  • Mud
  • Nature objects (we used berries, flowers, and pebbles)

  1. Simply place liners in a cupcake pan and fill them with mud batter, then decorate the cakes with natural objects, such as berries, flowers, and pebbles.
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