Periodic Table of Cupcakes

By on May 10th, 2010 . Filed under: Cupcake Ideas, Decorating .

I love how everyone interprets things differently.  A few months ago we posted The Periodic Table of Cupcakes according to Women’s Day.  Over the weekend I came across this picture of someone else’s version of the Period Table Cupcakes.  This would be such a fun project to take on for school or to try to earn some “brownie” (cupcake) points with a chemistry teacher!

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2 Responses to Periodic Table of Cupcakes

  1. Cathy

    Super cute…. love the idea.

  2. Britni Bertus

    It share good stuff with good ideas and concepts, lots of great information and inspiration, both of which we all need, thanks for all the enthusiasm to offer such helpful information here.

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