Cupcake Tour 2010

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Also known as Cuppie Tour 2010 is a one day tour that 2 sisters, Nicole and Ammy take around New York City and visit 7 Cupcake shops (5 last year). They even have tank tops they have made for this years adventure, “Only the strong will survive…”

Click here to read all about last years tour and their plan for this years tour.

I have visited one of the places they have visited, Magnolia Bakery!

Maybe we should all start our own  Cupcake Tour in our areas! What places would you visit in your area?

My first stop would be Cupcapes of Falmouth and then I’d head to Cupcake Charlie’s!

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  1. Jenn

    A Baltimore Cupcake tour would be great! My sister and I have taken it upon ourselves to visit different places here and there until we find our favorite, but maybe she and I should just cram it all into 1 day? I’d start at Charm City Cupcakes…that seems appropriate and I know for a fact that they have bite size “taster” cupcakes.

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