Saint Cupcake Giveaway

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This week I’d like to re-introduce you to one of our fabulous cupcake bakeries, Saint Cupcake.   They are no stranger to us here at ATC because we have happily blogged about them before.  Check out this previous tempting post.  Their homebase bakeries are in Portland Oregon but they ship their wonderful cuppies all over the US.   Here’s how it works: Go to their lovely site and choose either 3, 6 or 12 cupcakes.  Then use their fancy cupcake selector to build your cupcakes – drag & drop your cake flavors, icings, and sprinkles – and they’ll send them to you in a cute kit along with an icing wand and easy-peasy decorating tips.

This week, Saint Cupcake is giving away 6 cupcakes of your design.  Just go to their menu page and pick out your favorite flavor.  Then come back to ATC and tell us what it was in the comment area below.  One winner will be chosen on May 10th.  Thanks Saint Cupcake for sponsoring this delicious giveaway! 


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115 Responses to Saint Cupcake Giveaway

  1. Kaoru

    They all look/sound good but the big top is like 2 desserts in one!

  2. Sara Trice

    The fat elvis sounds amazing.

  3. Lindsey K.

    Pumpkin spice! Why can’t it always feel like the holidays?! :o)

  4. Heather

    The chocolate cream cheese swirl on chocolate would be my #1 choice!!! It brought a tear to my eye to read the description!!

  5. Erika

    Yum, love coconut so gonna have to go with toasted coconut cream!!

  6. Jenn

    It’s so hard to choose, but right now I’d be in the mood for the Big Top!

  7. Nina P.

    Those pumpkin spice cupcakes look AMAZING.

  8. sara

    my favorite has always been their toasted coconut!

  9. Linda Brown

    I think I’d have to choose vanilla with chocolate buttercream. Non-adventurous but you know it’s good! :)

  10. Laura

    Pumpkin spice, Peanut Butter Cookie, and Carrot Cake all sound amazing. The photos all make me droooool. But if I had to pick a favorite, it would be RED VELVET!! Just because I have not have that in a million years and it reminds me of my grandma’s attempts at baking the PERFECT red velvet cake. Unfortunately she was less than pleased with her outcomes. She has long since passed but red velvet will always remind me of her :]

  11. Michelle

    Wow what a fabulous giveaway! Carrot Cake sounds delicious! Well…they all do…but if I HAD to choose one it would be that. <333

  12. Once Upon A Pedestal

    Vanilla toffee cupcake with cream cheese frosting and coconut on top! I would love one of those right now. =)

  13. Andrea Moreno

    They all sounds so yummy, if I had to choose I would pick the toasted coconut creme..mmm… my mouth is watering as I type.

  14. Krystal

    Hands down the coconut one!!

  15. Brenda R.

    I am craving a peanut butter cookie cupcake now! Yummy!!

  16. Bari

    HAS to be the toasted coconut. I have to go make some NOW.

  17. jess

    big top all the way! if only i could get them in time for my wedding in two weeks….

  18. Lina

    Peanut butter cookie looks heavenly! I love the huge variety of flavors.

  19. jennie

    toasted coconut cream yummy xxx

  20. courtney

    Fat Elvis…what a neat idea!

  21. Sara

    I am going to go with the fat elvis for sure!! MMMmmmmmmmm!!!!!!

  22. Alison

    Fat Elvis! I would love to try that!

  23. Cathy

    I think the Malt Ball sounds amazing. It is truly original and I would really love to try it. That could be way more fun for “family movie night” than a box of malt balls :-)


  24. Joan

    The Malt Ball looks awesome!

  25. Stacy R

    They all look so wonderful! But I’m going to say that the Fat Elvis is the one I want to try the most. It seems so creative. I hope I win!

  26. Christine aka The Stampin' Ninja

    Oh my! We have to choose just one? They ALL sound heavenly! I’d have to say either vanilla or chocolate with cream cheese frosting! I cream cheese frosting! Thanks for this fantastic opportunity to win!

  27. Lana

    The chocolate with cream cheese icing. Yummy!

  28. Kristen

    Peanut butter cookie cupcakes sound like the bomb diggity!

  29. Brittanie

    Bring on the Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese!

  30. Erin Marie

    toasted coconut cream!!! ::Drool::

  31. Ashley

    Mmmm… they all looked so good!

    After much deliberation, I finally decided on the Chocolate Cream Cheese Swirl on Chocolate — I think I gained two pounds just thinking about it. I can’t wait! =)

  32. Heather C.

    Oh YUM!! I would love to try the hot fudge on vanilla or chocolate! YUM!!

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  34. adrian

    Tough to decide, but I would have to go with the malt ball. They all sound wonderful!!

  35. Jackie Estrada

    The Fat Elvis sounds like my ultimate cupcake!

  36. Kathryn

    The Fat Elvis sound very good, but you can never go wrong with a good ol Red Velvet cupcake! :)

  37. Amanda

    Why choose just one? I have three for different reasons. 1) Fat Elvis: As I have mentioned before, I am preggo and find that I am craving chocolate and bananas. This is a preggo womans DREAM! I can’t even look at the picture without my mouth watering. 2) Pumpkin spice: I have a very strong opinion that pumpkin is good in everything. Especially baked goods. 3) Toasted Coconut Cream: The best dessert I have ever eaten was at Disneyworld and it consisted of toasted coconut and cream inside of a vanilla pastry. This is the same thing just in cupcake form. That officially makes it better than the one at Disneyworld. How could I ever turn it down?

  38. Stefanie

    Oh my goodness! They all sound and look amazing but, I have to go with Big top! I love chocolate chips in my cupcakes and I LOVE Cream Cheese frosting! They have a great website and products, I am so excited! :)

  39. Laura M.

    The fat elvis sounds sooo gooood! yum yum! ^___^

  40. Shelby

    I’m obsessed with malt balls, so definitely The Malt Ball!

  41. Elizabeth

    Chocolate on Chocolate. I love the basics!

  42. christine w.

    the toasted coconut cream sounds SOOOOO good!

  43. carly

    pumpkin spice :)

  44. cindy L

    red velvet, red velvet and red velvet!

  45. Christina D

    So many yummy choices but I would have to say the Toasted Coconut Cream sounds divine!!!!

  46. Amelia

    I would definitely choose Toasted Coconut Cream! :)

  47. Lise'

    Definately hot fudge on chocolate! Yum!

  48. Theresa Queen

    Vanilla with chocolate buttercream!

  49. Brenda

    Peanut butter cookie would satisfy my craving tonight.<>

  50. Jordan

    Definitely vegan vanilla with hot fudge! My dream cupcake!

  51. Emily Lynn

    The fat elvis sounds absolutely amazing, but I’m also a fan of coconut! Too good too choose just one! :)

  52. Jules

    That chocolate cream cheese swirl sounds awesome! But so does the German chocolate… Decisions, decisions!

  53. ShootingStarsMag

    mmm my mouth is watering. I would love the vanilla with chocolate buttercream

  54. Meredith

    Peanut Butter Cookie!

  55. Melissa

    Mmmmm… pumpkin spice jumps out as a potential favorite, but it’s tied with red velvet! They all look amazing.

  56. Kyla

    Its hard to just pick one.. I would love 1 of each but I think the malt ball takes the cake with me.. yum!!

  57. monica alexander

    Chocolate with cream cheese any day of the week!! yum!!! :)

  58. Baking Barrister

    mint buttercream? yes please. the malt ball? uh, i think i may die.

  59. Lena

    Oh…yummy! The peanutbutter cookie with the fudge on top. Heaven!

  60. Amber Arnold

    I would love love love the chocolate cupcake with mint buttercream… yuummmyyy

  61. ellen

    Fat Elvis!!!!
    The Elvis sandwich is one of my favorites, so to have it in cupcake form… a dream come true!

  62. Emily

    Vanilla with vanilla Buttercream for sure MMMmmmmmmmm……………….

  63. Stephanie

    Definitely the Pumpkin Spice! With it in the mid 80s in the south, I’m already looking forward to fall, and these would take me there in one bite!!

  64. lovey

    Toasted Coconut!

  65. Stacie Franson

    Toasted coconut cream sounds like Heaven to me

  66. Leslie

    I would definitely have to say the peanut butter cookie cupcake would be to die for!

  67. Jennifer

    Vegan chocolate please!!!

  68. Hayden

    oh dang the chocolate with chocolate buttercream would have to be me. im a choclate person :D oh so simple and oh so tasty.
    ‘o(][] <–yes that would be my failed appempt at an online cupcake aha ^_^

  69. Shannon

    Mine has to be different.. I want the Mint.. Chocolate cupcake with the mint frosting!! Yummy!!

  70. Courtney

    Mmmm. They all look wonderful. I would like to try the coconut cream cupcake.

  71. Shirley

    Mmmm….toasted coconut cream with vanilla cream cheese icing!

  72. Rad Runner

    Hands down vegan vanilla

  73. Susan P

    oooo, i don’t know if i can choose between the chocolate with chocolate buttercream or the mint buttercream on chocolate! :) but if i have to choose, let’s go with the mint buttercream on chocolate…

  74. Gloria

    I would dream to eat big top! COOKIE AND CUPCAKE! WHAT MORE CAN YOU EXPECT?

  75. christy

    Toasted Coconut cream…YUM

  76. Britt


  77. Breanne

    Fat Elvis! come on – peanut butter and banana, what’s better than that?!?!?! oh I know adding chocolate to the mix! mmmm!

  78. Kelsey

    I like the vanilla with vanilla buttercream cupcake…yummm

  79. Megan

    Oh man! The Fat Elvis, all the way! That sounds like something I HAVE to try :)

  80. Better Home

    I am preggo and uncovering that I am craving drink and bananas. This is a preggo womans Dreaming! I can’t steady visage at the image without my interpreter watering. 2) Squash flavor: I know a real hefty substance that pumpkin is advantage in everything. Especially sunbaked artifact. 3) Toasted Food Elite: The superfine sweet I score e’er eaten was at Disneyworld and it consisted of toasted food and elite work. That officially makes it wagerer than the one at Disneyworld. . But if I had to yield a choice, it would be RED VELVET!! Honorable because I somebody not get that in a cardinal geezerhood and it reminds me of my grandma’s attempts at baking the PERFECT red velvet dish. Regrettably she was lower than chuffed with her outcomes.

  81. Lizybea

    All Things Cupcake really is All Things Cupcake! I’ve never seen so many cupcake choices in my entire life! And just think they all fit on this little square screen! How can anybody pick just one? If I must choose then honestly, I think I would try each one and definitely more than once! Oh, okay…it’s the carrot, I confess, it’s my weakness. :-)

  82. Kate

    Vegan cookies and ‘cream’! Yumtown!

  83. Angela S

    As soon as I read the description for the mint buttercream on chocolate cupcake I thought to myself: “SOLD!” That sounds delicious! I will definitely have to try that some time!

  84. Allison A.

    Oh my! Every single one sounds DELICIOUS!! If I had to pick just one, it would be the chocolate cream cheese swirl on chocolate. I mean really, how can you go wrong with that?! :)

  85. Cristal

    Vanilla with Vanilla Buttercream! O_O *drools* just kidding!

  86. Nikoal

    BIG TOP!

  87. Christine Tosti

    Toasted Coconut Cream…. OH boy I need one right now!!

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  89. The Party Animal

    I would have to say Fat Elvis, but they all sound yummy

  90. Jen aka Cupcakegirly

    Pretty sure the Cookies & “Cream” could make me go vegan. Otherwise Vanilla Buttercream.

  91. Lairy the cupcake fairy x

    Big top! Everytime, everyday, anywhere!!

  92. barb

    Wow they all look so gorgeous. I’d love to try the coconut cream with the toffee bits! I’m a big fan of vanilla with vanilla buttercream too because I love sprinkles. Next would be the pumpkin spice & the carrot cake. So many great options to try I’m crossing my fingers!

  93. Rachel

    Big Top – for real !!!

  94. Gina

    It was a tough decision, but I would have to go with the Toasted Coconut Cream. When I win, feel free to send a couple of Red Velvet and 2 Pumpkin Spice for a six pack sampler of perfection!

  95. Georgianna

    The malt ball sounds heavenly!!!

  96. Johanna

    OMG red velvet …my favorite love this…thanks

  97. Jenna B

    I can’t decide between the big top and the pumpkin spice! This is such a fun idea!

  98. Matt

    The malt ball sounds delicious as do all of their cupcakes!

    mattschmunk at gmail dot com

  99. Chrissy

    I love the big top! I bought several of them when I visited Portland back in oct!

  100. Joy

    Oh, I’d have to go with the always classic chocolate with chocolate buttercream. We always go to Saint Cupcake when we’re in Portland…they’re sooo good!

  101. Leslie Elaine

    Peanut Butter Cookie!

  102. Amber

    The Fat Elvis sounds like a dream come true!

  103. SANDY


  104. thepricklypinecone

    I love to sound of the vanilla with chocolate butter cream!

  105. lakergirl

    Way to many yummies to choose from but…
    vanilla cake w/Choc crm cheese frosting #1
    coconut creme #2
    Choc on w/vanilla creme cheese #3
    I won’t complain about any of them…I PROMISE!!lol

  106. Shelley

    so many yummy choices! my favorite is a tie between the vanilla with cream cheese icing and the carrot cake! thanks for the giveaway! :)

  107. Gina

    Hot Fudge on Vanilla….my mouth is watering.

  108. Melissa Rodgers

    Oh my, it’s got to be “Fat Elvis”!! How yummy. I can taste it as I type…

  109. Monica

    I’m going with the Big Top, but I wouldn’t be disappointed with any of them!

    Please check out Bake for Hope’s site for next year. Cupcakes and charity! How perfect!

  110. sara

    fat elvissss

  111. Kristina

    The Malt Ball! Hehe… I even love their description of it!

  112. Kearstin

    I’m gonna have to go with the fat elvis! :)

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  114. Levi Heidema

    excellent writing about decorating, it is actually useful for me. keep writing and happy blogging.

  115. Tasha Nagy

    mouth watering…. Me want peanut butter cookieeeees

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