Cupcake Salt and Pepper Shakers

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I have a little collection of salt and pepper shakers but one that I have yet to find in my travels is a cupcake salt and pepper shaker. Just to make sure they do exist I searched for one online.  Here are some of the cute ones I came across, I think the Pillsbury Dough Boy is my favorite.

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  2. eavasi

    Muffins take a strong leadership position in the confectionery industry. Is it possible to find a solution to beautiful design cakes in mass production at the lowest cost to the confectionery equipment?

  3. kell

    Pillsbury is my fave too. though the first ones are really great too

  4. ashley

    those are so cute!! i want them all! so adorable

  5. Lindsey

    These are SO cute! Where can you get these??

  6. hungry runner

    By clicking on each picture you’ll be redirected to the original website and from there you can purchase the shakers. Just incase, here are the links:
    Pink & Green:
    Pillsbury Dough Boy:

  7. Heather

    I just ordered the pink and green cupcakes from Paige’s Place! My kitchen is decorated in pink and green cupcakes so these were perfect! Thanks so much for the links!!

  8. Floating Candles

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