A Few of My Favorite Things

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As a longtime surfer of Etsy.com I have a significant list of favorite cupcake items I have bookmarked.  Although I haven’t purchased them (yet!) I am inspired by the talent it took to create them.  Today, I just wanted to share a few of the cupcake items I have “hearted” this month.

Pink Petal Sweet Tooth Large Round Galvanized Party
Galvanized Tub $28.00
Half a Dozen Silly Swirl Cupcake Crayons-- Packaged and Ready for Gift Giving

  6 Cupcake Crayons $6.95

Cute Light Purple Cupcake Purse (can be custom made to your favorite colors and flavors)
Cupcake Lightswitch Cover
Visit stayhomecupcake’s  Etsy shop.

Let’s see what you love too!  Share your favorite Etsy cupcake items by clicking on the comments are below and adding the link. 

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  2. Thimbletowne

    See my cute cupcake magnets and necklace at Thimbletowne on Etsy

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