DIY: Cupcakes in a Jar

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My sister shared this link we me and I had to pass along the fun idea.  DIY: Cupcakes in a Jar by Cakies created using a modified version of the Paula Deene Red Velvet Cupcake recipe.  The website includes detailed directions with helpful pictures!

Here are the steps once you have made your batter:

1. Batter is ready to be put in cupcake pan.

2. I spray the pan with pam and then fill each hole up 2/3 with the batter. Note: I do not use liners, but you could if you want, just pull them off before putting them in the jar.

3. Usually they are done after about 17 minutes in my oven at temperature of 350℉, and I take them out and put them on a wire rack to cool completely.

4. Once they are cool, I slice them in half. You will have a stack of tops and a stack of bottoms.

5. Place 1 bottom in each jar.

6. Put a layer of the frosting.

7. Take the top of the cupcake and place on top of the layer of frosting.

8. Flatten (gently smash) the top part of the cupcake inside the jar. You want to get the top sort of flat.

9. Beautifully frost the top of the cupcake.

10. Cover with lids and package however you like! It will be heartbreaking to eat, as it is so pretty, but it is so yummy!

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8 Responses to DIY: Cupcakes in a Jar

  1. kell

    i love the idea of changing up the colors for different occasions!

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  3. Britt

    I am SOO SO SO SO SO in love with this! Can’t wait to try it!

  4. James Cooper

    How do you get them out?

  5. hungry runner

    You get them out with a fork!


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  7. Amanda

    I love this idea!!!! I have 3 teachers (moms) that I wanted to give a little something to for Mothers Day and I think this is a great little gift idea.
    Thank You! U gals always have to cutest ideas for the all occasions. Helps me out a lot.

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