McDonalds Germany’s NYC Themed Cupcakes

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Another great cupcake announcement shared with me by my sister.  She noticed a post on Slashfood explaining that McDonald’s Germany is now offering New York City Themed Cupcakes in McCafe’s.  Four New York City neighborhoods (if you count Central Park as a neighborhood) have been assigned what McDonalds feels is their cupcake persona. The flavors offered are as follows, Soho=vanilla, Chelsea=Chocolate, East Village= Cappuccino, and Central Park=Strawberry.  Burger Business had a great article on the cupcake release explaining how McDonald’s is fascinated with current popular trends, in addition to American cities which they in turn use as a marketing technique.

I am not sure if I would try a McDonald’s cupcake, I love cupcakes but I can’t decide if I would love one from McDonald’s.  I would really like to hear what someone who has tried one thinks!  Let us know if you think you would try a one or if you already have!

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5 Responses to McDonalds Germany’s NYC Themed Cupcakes

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  2. Emily S.

    That sounds totally repulsive to me :/ I dont like McDonald’s ANYTHING!

  3. kell

    i think i am a soho cupcake! i hear mcdonalds in paris have macarons on their menu. and in london cadbury egg mcflurries!

  4. Kristy

    We have cadbury egg McFlurries here (Canada)! Not sure about McD’s cupcakes…I haven’t even had a muffin there…I don’t eat much from there…the fries…and they’re not always great lol. I like homemade cupcakes best…the only way to eat them! Grocery store cupcakes aren’t the same.

  5. Kyla

    Their McDonalds Cafe over in Germany is a lot nicer then here in the states and their baked goods are awesome. We were stationed over there for 3yrs and i liked getting pastries from there…much better then their reg food. They didnt have them when I was there but I would try them.

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