Cupcake Bank Giveaway

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This week we are hosting a product giveaway for this new adorable cupcake bank.   This ceramic bank would be a perfect birthday gift for a child or a child-like cupcake lover in you life.   I love that the gift box has “To:   From:”  printed on the top for ease in gifting.   It has a coin slot on top and a rubber stopper at the bottom so you won’t have to smash this little beauty to get your money out.   These banks are now available at Urban Outfitters for only $10!

This is ATC’s biggest giveaway to date.  We are giving away not one bank, but a thirteen!  A baker’s dozen!  To enter this giveaway, just click on the comment area below and tell us what you love about ATC and you will be entered to win a bank.  Winners will be chosen on Monday, April 12th. 

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203 Responses to Cupcake Bank Giveaway

  1. Timeeka

    I have to pick one thing? I love the recipes, the pretty little knick-knacks, and I love that I’ve found a place that understands my cupcake obssession.

  2. Becki

    What do I love about ATC? What DON’T I love! I’m completely in love with cupcakes, my last tattoo was a cupcake in fact! I can’t wait to try the churro cupcakes, sounds like the perfect weekend baking project!

  3. Allison Wing

    I love this site for many reasons but the main reason right now is my daughter’s first birthday party will be cupcakes and I’m able to get many ideas here at ATC!

  4. gaby

    I love that there is a place for all. Cupcake lovers. Whether it b recipes fun lil pictures stories, inspiration just too many things!

  5. Devon Bushnell

    I love the great variety of cupcake related postings. I see items I would have never seen without your creative blogging! =) Plus you did a fantastic review of my cupcake shaped stands!

  6. Amy

    I love everything about the site. I love the recipes and the different cupcake items. I am a cupcake lover and I hope my daughter will be too.

  7. Kim

    Oh I love EVERYTHING about this site! The recipes, the cute items, the give-a-ways, the articles and blogs. I love just looking at the layout and pictures. Everything!

  8. Kelly

    I love the fabulous photograpy and vibrant photos that are always on the site! Visiting is like a treat for my eyes! ATC never fails to get me motivated to do some baking and get creative!

  9. Ann

    I LOVE all things cupcake! So, this site is the perfect place for me.

  10. Sherilyn

    I love ATC because I get updates on my facebook regularly so I can be part of thing likes this. I also love ATC because I love cupcakes! I love how visually appealing they are, I love how tasty they are, and I love the joy cupcakes bring me in trying times like now. ATC reminds me to smile and enjoy life, because life has cupcakes!

  11. Allison Adams

    I love EVERYTHING about ATC because I love all things that have to do with cupcakes! If I *had* to pick one thing, it would probably be the products section, because I can go there and see cute cupcake things that I might not be able to find myself, either online or in stores. So it’s really helpful to be able to click on that link and see all the cool cupcake things available for purchase. Thanks for this great site!

  12. Samantha

    My favorite part of this website is the Tattoo portion. I love how you guys show cupcake artwork. I also love the way I feel when I click on this website; as if sugar and icing have taken the place of the blood flowing through my veins. Your site gives me the ultimate sweet tooth!!

  13. Gia

    I wouldn’t even know where to begin with what I love most about this website! When people ask me what I’m into, my response has always been “all things cupcake!” so it was purely my delight when I found a website that catered specifically to my obsession! I really love the Holiday cupcake idea section though. Also, the tattoos.. I have fun looking through those as well!

  14. Jen Piasecki

    I LOVE all things cupcake so it’s no wonder I love The recipes and ideas are definitely my favorite! I love experimenting in the kitchen and making cupcakes is one of my favorite activities!! :)

  15. Lindsay

    I love everything cupcake because it’s a website that “brags” about my favorite cute little treats, cupcakes. It covers cupcakes from A-Z, anything from recipes to tattoo designs, if you plan on sticking this sweet treat on your body forever! Love it, Love it, absolutely love it…

  16. Kaoru

    What’s not to love about ATC? You are so good about finding all sorts of cute and interesting cupcake-related things!

  17. Liesel

    I love all the ideas and recipes! A great place for my cupcake obsession!!

  18. Angelia

    My favorite thing is all the info readily available, have learned and seen so many different things. All the products are darling, had no idea there were so many things cupcake.

  19. Jillian

    I love ATC because it is my go to place for anything and everything cupcake related! From buying a cupcake scarf all the way to planning on eating at Burgers and Cupcakes when I visit NYC – I have been inspired by so many of the posts!

  20. Jennifer

    I love getting to see what other bakeries are doing with cupcakes and getting ideas for flavors and decorating!

  21. Melanie Kolbasowski

    I love EVERYTHING about All Things Cupcake! I actually just reposted the Churros Cupcakes filled with Dulce de Leche on Facebook. :)

  22. Sarah

    I LOVE everything about it!
    Especially the recipes and the little accessories you post all the time! What made me very happy was, when you guys found the nursery set, that was AWESOME! I dont know how you always find that cool stuff, but keep up ur great work:)

  23. sara

    Wow awesome giveaway!
    The tattoos are my favourite as it is hard to find such a good collection. I added mine here and I hope the collection helps others who want to get a cupcake tattoo. The receipes are also fantastic and seeing ccake merch is always fun!

  24. Bella

    The thing I love most about ATC is that it prooves I’m not insane for being OCD about cupcakes. I love how the recipes are to die for and all the awesome cupcake merchandise you find. I love being able to indulge my cupcake dork everytime I go on.

  25. Sheila Stokley

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE ATC, Oh wait, thats 3 things ! The recipes, pictures, great ideas and merchandise. Your a girls best friend !!!!

  26. Kristy

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE ATC! I read the website every day and the updates on facebook! I think I will have to agree with all the others that the tattoos are my favorite! I also love reading about all the unique things that are found like this way cool cupcake bank!

  27. Susan Burke

    All Things Cupcake inspires such creativity!
    I love the recipes and cupcake products!

  28. kristina

    I am a cupcake lover :) so I love everything about the site…

  29. Amanda

    I love the fact that you keep me updated on on the lastest cupcake finds….I enjoy sharing too! Its fun to see all the new things people find, make or come up with! Keep it up guys! Now pick my names so my little Diva (daughter) can have a cute bank not a pig (oink oink) If not I guess I will just have to buy cause this is a must have! RIGHT!

  30. christine w.

    i love the creativity and variety on ATC! gets me inspired that one day i can make awesome cupcakes too. :)

  31. Jennifer

    I love looking at the site’s fun merhandise finds! They are all so adorable!

  32. Maren

    In a time where things aren’t always sweet and day to day tasks are boring and often tedious, ATC is an escape to a world of treats. To be able to see all different adorable cupcakes makes my day and takes me away from the mundane….ATC is the modern day Calgon…take me away…to cupcakes!!!!

  33. Amanda

    What to choose? What to choose? Well I love the recipes, the ideas, the shopping, the pictures and honestly the overall look of the website. It is amazing to find a place that is completely dedicated to finding everything that has to do with cupcakes! You can’t get much better than that… well unless you actually could smell and taste the cupcakes when you visit the website (that would be heavenly!).

  34. Kristy

    I love the ideas and tips that I get! I love the personalities of the writers, they’re always so fun and cheerful! It’s an amazing website made by amazing people =) I truly appreciate it!

  35. Kristina W.

    I love how ATC feeds my cupcake addiction. You indulge my weakness, and I like that. lol Thanks!

  36. Ashley

    There are far too many reasons to even {{begin}} to count why I adore ATC. From the utterly delicious recipes (Ferro Rocher Nutella cupcakes, mmm… Yes, please!) to the incredible ratios (which have inspired me to get my own) to the amazing giveaways, ATC is every cupcake lover’s dream! Thank you so much for this wonderful, lovely blog for us alltp enjoy! =)

  37. Breeana R

    ATC makes me very happy. I check every day for cupcake fun! My fave thing is seeing where to buy cupcake stuff. If I could my whole house would be cupcake everything.

  38. Beejay

    I love everything about ATC! I really like when you guys post pictures of tattoos, because I’ve been thinking about getting one!

  39. Phoebe

    my Daughter and i love ATC, shes 3 and is wanting to be a cupcake designer! lol! she wants the little bank for her kitchen.

  40. Carley West

    I love ATC because you guys keep me up on the coolest cupcake goodies out there. It’s fun to hunt for these things….

  41. karen

    I love being introduced to cupcakes in forms I’ve never seen before!

  42. Linda Brown

    Cupcakes alone make me smile. An entire site of nothing but? Wow! Every time I come to your site I find something new to love…the different sites you share, the recipes, etc. everything! I love everything! :D

  43. doreen

    all things cupcake, is the best i love everything about it !!!

  44. Lise'

    I love the ease of navigating your website. I love the colors of pink and brown. I love that you introduce new cupcake-y things all the time.

  45. lori t

    i love hearing about anything cupcakes! i enjoy the recipes i get, the cute things that are “cucake” specific. you guys rock. thanks
    lori t,

  46. Brittanie

    I love how many Cupcake things you’re able to post about! There is a Cupcake for everyone and everything and I can’t get enough of it!

  47. Ashley

    Well..where do I begin? There are too many things that I love about ATC. I love the recipes, the super cute cupcake products you have on here, but my favorite thing is that it helps me embrace my love for cupcakes..I can’t be crazy if there is a website devoted to them..right?

  48. Csilla

    I love ATC because it inspires me to make cupcakes! I love that I can come here for ALL my cupcake needs, whether its fun pics, little things I can go out and buy or recipes. I love everything about it!

  49. Maria

    I love *everything* about All Things Cupcake! I visit daily to see what luscious new goodies you’ve posted and to find out where I can further add to my cupcake collection. This bank is adorable! Thank you for the chance to win one!

  50. jennie

    you bring all things cupcakes to use that alot of us dont know are avaliable you have been an inspiration to making my daughters dream come true of cupcake bedroom and bringing a great smile to a 4 year olds face thanks atc xxx

  51. Jules

    I love love love all the cupcake stuff!!! I enjoy trying the new recipes and buying lots of cupcake goodies!! Keep it up!! xoxo

  52. Rebecca

    I love this cupcake bank but oh my gosh my 4 year old daughter Lily would love this cupcake even better.
    She loves everything cupcakes, I even made her a cupcake ironing board cover, apron , magnetic board cover. A cupcake bank would top everything!!! So that’s why we love your site because everything is about cupcakes and your recipes are fabulous!!! Thanks for the great site!!!

  53. cupcake krystin

    what isn’t there to love about ALL THINGS CUPCAKE?! it is by far the absolute best source on the internet for cupcake baking goods and ideas, cupcake collectibles, cupcake tattoo archives, cupcake bakery openings and tastings, cupcake contests and everything in between which allows interaction from cupcake lovers all over the world. not to mention, my birthday is april 15th and this cupcake bank would be a perfect birthday gift!! :D all things cupcake is the leader in cupcake blogs! don’t forget to facebook them and suggest their facebook page to friends to show your adornment and appreciation.

  54. Erica (Rad Runner Girl)

    OMG! No way! This this is to cute, and to top it off your giving away 13?! To rad!

    I love ATC because it is the cherry on top at work, every day! I come to work, to do the same old office duties, but seeing something new and awesome, from tattoos, to recipes and cupcake paraphernalia is the BEST! I think the tattoo section is my fav. though, I love to see the variety, they are all one of a kind, and as a cupcake tattoo owner, like myself, I can completely appreciate that!

  55. barb

    I also love everything about the site. It keeps me informed of any new cupcake sightings whether it’s a real cupcake you can eat or a designer gift like this adorable bank! I’d have to keep it for myself it’s so cute!

  56. Britt

    My favorite thing? All the EYE CANDY! I’m crazy about your blog!

  57. adrian

    I love the fact that ATC always brings a smile to my face. Cupcakes & anything related make me happy, & ATC brings those happy moments to me.

  58. Rockerjewlz

    What a great idea, a baker’s dozen!

    What I love about ATC is that I can count on you to find sweet cupcake items that I may have missed.

    I am a cupcake freak and design cupcake jewelry so I am ALWAYS on the look out for ANY item in this theme. I love to be surrounded by cupcakes whether they are edible or not!

  59. Colleen

    I love that it helped me find neat cupcake decor when it came time to decorate for my daughter’s nursery.

  60. angel

    i love ATC because cupcakes to me are magical. they are pure bliss. you can’t look at a cupcake whether real, drawn, or crafted & not experience some of that bliss yourself. i guess i love ATC because it is a place i can come to when everything in the “real world” is chaotic around me & just be happy while i’m here… even if it’s only make believe. ;)

  61. Leah

    Love, love, LOVE all the decorating ideas as well as recipes….my daughter’s 1st birthday was Cupcake themed and SO MUCH FUN!!! LOVE ATC! I refer people to this website all the time, a few have even had products featured.

  62. Michelle

    I love everything!! actually!
    I love reading all the recipes, being able to go to one site and find an amazing recipe to use. and i also like looking at all the cupcake tattoos! giving my inspiration for my own next tattoo!!

  63. Bridget

    I love that there is a huge variety of cupcake things and the website is so easy to navigate. The pull down menu is great and I use it all the time to go through and find more things to buy to feed my obsession!

  64. Maria Puopolo

    My favourite thing about ATC is that they showcase homemade and original cupcake items by independent artists, providing young cupcakers like me with hope for the future! (:

  65. Joslyn

    How do I love thee ATC, let me count the ways:
    1. You have something yummy everyday for me to drool over and then try to duplicate
    2. Whenever I need my ‘cupcake’ fix I always know you will be there for me
    3. Say I want something with cupcakes on it (i.e. rain boots) because I NEED them. . . you provide me with a source
    4. So many, many more reasons
    Thank you for being here in my good times, bad times and OCD times! You’re the best!

  66. monica alexander

    I LOVE the ATC site because it always gives new ideas and always has wonderful links to check out. That cupcake bank is adorable! Thank you!

  67. CupcakeDD

    What’s not to LOVE about All Things Cupcake??!! The name alone brings a smile to my face!! Thank you for fueling my obsession!! xoxo

  68. Heather

    I’m just going to have to be like everyone else and say EVERYTHING!! lol Ok, ok, what I love the best…you help feed my obsession! hehe So many wonderful ideas and cool stuff to buy. ATC=LOVE

  69. Bari

    I get so many ideas from ATC – every day when I log onto facebook I search for the ATC posts. What could be better than learning all there is to know about cupcakes?

  70. Diana G

    I am a cupcake lover…my son is growing into a cuppie cake himself…I like making my own “healthy” versions of cupcakes for my son…I love reading your blog because it gives me so many different recipes as well as decorating tips…I like them to look great but taste even better!

  71. Lindsay G

    Sometimes it is hard to find cupcake goodies…and I love that you make it easy to find things to satisfy my cupcake cravings!! :)

  72. Paige

    I love cupcakes therefore I love ATC! Very cute bank. I hope I win!

  73. Cera

    If I have to pick just one thing, I think it would be the tattoos! I’ve been seriously tempted by some of them. I love the idea of a cupcake bank and if I don’t win I’m just going to have to get one for myself.

  74. Cupcake Bank Giveaway | All Things Cupcake | Chubbs and Chunks

    […] from: Cupcake Bank Giveaway | All Things Cupcake Posted by admin on April 6th, 2010 Tags: cupcakes, ceramic, ceramic-bank, new-adorable, […]

  75. Terrie

    I love it all!!! I love cupcakes and always have and so when I got pregnant I knew I wanted a cupcake Nursery. And with all your postings and links I have had so many ideas and found so many decorations. And not just me but my daughters Godmother got ideas for my baby shower from ATC. She made those min cupcake pops, and her gift was seen on ATC!! And my mom has been inspired by so many of your posting that she custom made a cupcake bouncer, crib mobile, bassinet mattress covers, diaper stacker,diaper bag, and shopping cart cover.

  76. Kimmy-Cake

    I love ATC for its’ simple existence! I love browsing around the site for recipes, doodads and just giggling at the super cute stuff. I check this site daily and it’s one of my favorite. :D

  77. Iris Lee

    What do I love about ATC? well you can say that I´m in love!!! that´s all!!

  78. Terri

    I love ATC because it proves that there are many people out there that love cupcakes as much as I do. Everything about this site – pictures, recipes, decor, tattoos – adds to my love of cupcakes!

  79. marissa

    I love being among so many o ther cupcake lovers on ATC. It’s so great to see that this sweet little baked treat so beloved by us is growing in popularity, and others are appreciating how fabulous cupcakes are! And, I love seeing cupcake products, collectibles, recipes, ideas, and tattoos here first. It’s awesome!

    the crazy bunny lady

  80. Nina

    WHOA! I love the fact that ATC is a whole website dedicated to cupcakes! I love various cupcake related things that I can find via this website. It makes me feel at home with some many other cupcake enthusiasts.

  81. Debbie-lee

    I love being able to get a cupcake pick me up when ever i need one-just click on your site & bliss… I love the photos & comments of cupcake lovers :-)

  82. kathy

    I love everything about ATC! Cupcakes make me happy…..ATC make me happy!

  83. elma

    I love ATC for all the unbelievable finds/items you’ll never know exist!I love browsing the site and finding items for my wish list! more power or rather cupcakes to you!

  84. Candace R

    I love everything! I especially love how you post WHERE to get cupcake items. I was able to find everything I needed with cupcakes on it for my daughter’s 6th MIRACLE birthday! Thanks ATC for posting everything possible with cupcakes on it. :)

  85. Amy R

    So cute! I love cupcakes!!!

  86. Katie

    I love the posts about cupcake merchandise!

  87. rebecca

    I originally came to ATC to find party ideas for my daughter’s birthday and i’ve found so many we might have to do this theme multiple times. my favorite thing has to be all the recipies though. I can’t wait to make them all.

  88. Nicky L

    Are you kidding me? one thing? the cupcake product updates, links, recipes, news, tattoo pictures… its my Go To page for cupcake news and mayhem!

  89. Amber A

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that you have all sorts of cupcake stuff on here! If it is a cupcake you will find it on here. Oh and the fact that my cupcake tattoo is on here too:) You guys seriously rock!!!!!!

  90. Sonja

    Every time I visit the site I find something else I NEED. This bank is the new Need! If I don’t win, ill buy one or two! I love it!!!!

  91. TiffaneyC

    I love all the links and cupcake ideas <3

  92. hayley

    I love the inspiration I find on this site :)

  93. s_ryan

    I love finding new recipes to try out as well as knowing im not the only one out there with a tattoo of a cupcake. The art on some of the tattoos is amazing and always gives me ideas for different cupcakes/tattoos

  94. Jennifer V.

    I love that there are other people in this world who share my obsession with tiny little cakes. ATC is my porn.

  95. Jessica Eubanks

    EVERYTHING!! I have been reading this site since my cupcake obsession started long ago, and now my cupcake tattoo is on the site :)

  96. S.

    The cupcakes, of course!

  97. lovey

    As everyone has said, what’s not to love about ATC? Every morning I grab my cup of coffee and check to see what’s new in cupcake world and ATC never disapoints.

  98. Jessica H

    i love all the cupcake item discoveries. I love see them on ATC and then going out for some cupcake hunting.

  99. Christina

    This is the cutest thing ever! i would love to get one for my daughters First birthday coming up! she still doesnt have a coin bank.i love everything cupcake!

  100. Wendy

    I love all the new cupcake finds!!!

  101. Trish

    ATC is the only way
    to start a yummy cupcake day
    It will bring a smile to your face
    as down to the kitchen u race
    baking up the latest recipe
    Thank You ATC for sharing your love of cupcakes with me……

  102. Sarah

    I love the cupcake tattoos on ATC! I just got one myself

  103. Angela S

    I love All Things Cupcake for always being up-to-date on the newest cupcake trends and finds! It makes it very enjoyable visiting each day because chances are there is always something new posted. It’s the only cupcake blog that I go to right when I need my cupcake fixation! :0)

  104. Vickee D

    I cannot go a day without checking on the newest products, creations, and recipies for anything cupcake. My granddaughter loves cupcakes (so do I) and I can continuously amaze her with what I find on this blog! This site feeds my cupcake soul.

  105. Camila F.

    I love ATC because every time I come here I get excited about something: recipes, amazing products, great finds… It just makes my day!

  106. Catherine

    i LOVE a.t.c. because it gives me my daily dose of all things cupcake and lets me know that i’m not the only cupcake-crazy person out there! :)

  107. Janice

    I love everything!! Its all about the cupcakes!

  108. Karina

    What I love the most about ATC is that, not ONLY do I get my Cupcake fix, but I get to see all the great & cute product out there… Ohh & to top the delicious recipes ( I have to confess I’m oh ATC at least 3 times a day!! hehehe). I just adore the fact that I can see all the local business in my area who are as just as obsessed with cupcakes as I am!!!

    I ♥ ATC!!

  109. Jessica Johnson

    I LOVE ATC. Ever since i started my cupcake baking crazy it has help provide ideas, products, and stimulation of my obsession. The greatest thing about ATC is that it provides us with different cupcake products. I can’t tell you how many times I have been to the products page and went out or purchased things online. Its great and again it feeds my obsession.
    I personally would love this little piggy bank to encourage my office to pay up for when they start constantly asking for me to bake something.
    Thanks for all the wonderful ideas. Keep it coming!!!!!

  110. Tania

    I love ATC because it’s the only website out there that understand my cupcake obsession, and provides so much useful information, recipes, precious items for sale. All cupcake lovers can gather here to dream of cupcakes!!!!

  111. Jamie Wyatt

    I love this website b/c I am a cupcake freak and I can get my daily fix of cupcakes here. You always have the cutest stuff on here, and it is very trendy! Thanks again.

  112. Ally

    I love this website because of all of the amazing recipes… and cute cupcake finds. I get my daily dose of Awwwwww’s, Oooooo’s, and So cute’s here every day. I feel like the people here understand my obsession.

  113. Rachel

    I love ATC because every time I come here I find something new I NEED! I lust after things like this cupcake bank… I love discovering new ways to cupcake-ify my home!

  114. Heather

    I love loking at all of the cupcake tattos that people recieve! They are adorable. But of course my absolute favorite thing here is how you can find anything you can think of but cupcake! You need a bag, shoes, jewelry? ATC has got me covered!

  115. Kristen

    I love that the site makes something that could be ordinary into something extrodinary! It’s fun, inspiring… and most of all … DELICIOUS!

  116. Kathryn

    What do I love about ATC??!! That its ALL THINGS CUPCAKE of course! I have gotten SO many things just from seeing them on here! I also LOVE the cupcake recipies! This is TRUELY the worlds BEST website!

  117. Nina

    I love this website!…Sooooo many cute things ! ALL cupcakes !….awesomeness!

  118. ~~Amber~~

    I love all the birthday party ideas!! I am currently planning my daughters first birthday and the majority of the party will consist of ideas I got from this website :)

  119. Ashley

    Ohmygoodness! Best Give-away yet! What’s not to love about ATC? I think the best part about this website is that it never fails to make me smile, maybe it’s not going to fix the economy or end world hunger, but when I’m having a bad day I go scroll through a few pages never fails to make things seem a little bit sweeter! And that’s good enough for me!

  120. michelle harvey

    love atc because it helped inspire my daughter’s 100 cupcakes poster!!

  121. Melanie Couch

    I love everything about ATC! All the info is really helpful. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  122. cherie

    love everything about it….cupcakes what’s not to love :)

  123. Brandy

    Everytime I see cupcakes I cant help but smile. When I was a little girl my mom and I went to a cake walk at my school. I had won some kind of contest and won this really neet foam cup cake. From then on my mom called me “Baby Cup Cake.” I even got a tatoo later in my life of a cupcake and it says baby cup cake. So cup cakes will always make me smile and remember my mom.

  124. Kelsey

    I loveeeee ATC because they have a ton of pink cupcake things, and before I found this site, I was searching all over for pink cupcakes, and I never found anything. Now that I visit ATC, I find them everywhere!

  125. Erin

    This is my treat everyday to see what fun new things are posted here! Thank you~

  126. Jordan

    ATC has sooooo many ideas :)

  127. Michelle

    What’s not to LOVE about this site!? I love the recipes & pictures of all the cuteness! My daughter absolutely LOVES cupcakes! :D

  128. Leslie

    I have always had a passion for things that are cupcake. Now that I have a daughter and she will soon be 1, I am planning a birthday party and it will be cupcake themed. I have found this website to have the most wonderful & perfect ideas. Whether it be recipes or favor ideas, this has become one of my favorite websites.

    What’s not the love about All Things Cupcake!


  129. Angie Nunez

    I find ATC very helpful. Whenever i think of something cupcake related, from liners to aprons to toys, this is the first place i check. Search engines have nothing to ATC! love it almost as much as i love cupcakes!

  130. Crista T.

    I always come here to see what is new in the cupcake world and find so many cute things to buy!

  131. Heather C.

    LOVE ATC! I love seeing what new cupcakey stuff there is out there! I am working on collecting some cute stuff for my new kitchen decor and this would be SO cool!!

  132. Justine

    The reason I LOVE ATC is because you’ll have this understanding of this obsession that I have with cupcakes. I love the tattoo section and hopefully one day I”ll have a cupcake tat of my own!

  133. Sami

    I’ve had this crazy obsession with cupcakes and thought I was the only one! This site not only helps me see all the great cupcake stuff in the world, but it shows me that there are other cupcake obsessed people like me! I love this site. Its fantastic!

  134. Becky

    I just found ATC acouple months ago…Im hooked..I go on every morning to see whats new…Im so happy to know that Im not the only person obsessed with cupcakes :) I love everything about ATC

  135. Jenna B

    I always liked cupcakes, but when I found your blog, my like turned to love! I love each and every post, but most of all the giveaways :)

  136. Sarah E.

    How sweet! I would love to keep this little bank on display on one of my cake stands while they are vacant (which is rare!).
    I love your pretty and user-friendly site layout and I love the unique flavors in your recipes.
    Thank you!

  137. Cheryl McCullough

    I love when yall post things like this bank! I am a cupcake collector, my kitchen has cupcake cookie jars, towels etc. Yall help keep up my collection!! I love when yall post things like the cupcake plate stand, cupcake earings and necklace, etc. AWESOMENESS!!


  138. Muerinda Herrera

    The photos are great. I never knew there were so much you could do with a cupcake

  139. Fiona Mew

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  153. Giveaway Reminder | All Things Cupcake

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