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 This week we are hosting a giveaway for the website, Green Party Goods where their motto is “Planet Friendly Products for Any Celebration”.  I am pleased to own one of their eco-friendly cupcake stands which is made with recycled corrugated cardboard.  These stands are a great way to display your wonderful cupcake creations and are meant to be used many times.   They are made in a neutral white color so customers can decorate them to coordinate with whatever theme they need.  You can use a glue gun to attach ribbon or tule or even spray paint them.   The stands come in round and square shape.


My stand was easy to assemble and was a great deal sturdier than I had assumed it would be.  As a crafter, I also thought these stands would be a perfect way to display items, such as jewelry or cards, at a craft show.

This week Green Party Goods invites you to become a fan of the Facebook Page and to also enter this giveaway for a free eco-friendly stand.  They will also throw in your choice of any cupcake wrap or liner of your choice! 

To enter this giveaway, first go to Green Party Goods and pick out a favorite item.  Then come back here to ATC and in the comment area below tell us what was your favorite item AND what kind of wrap or liner you think they should add to their site. 

One winner will be chosen on Monday, March 29th.  Thanks Green Party Goods!

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54 Responses to Meet Green Party Goods

  1. Carrie

    I love the polka-dot cupcake wraps, but I’d love to see some dark purple wraps (y’know, for my wedding!). This tower is just what I’m looking for – thanks for featuring it.

  2. lovey

    The black/white polka dot sleeves are wonderful.

  3. Rachel Barr

    I really like your wedding cupcake toppers! They are very cute & unique! I would like to see wraps that represent each of our military branches! Keep up the good work!

  4. AdronsCatherine

    Oh wow! What a wonderful site! I so need that white cardboard rocket for my boys to play in!!! I would love to see monogrammed cupcake wraps – those would be just perfect for baby or wedding showers!

  5. Renee

    I liked the daisy cupcake carrier! Definitely something a little different.

    I like all types of cupcake liners, as I use them daily… it’s nice to have a large variety to choose from. Maybe some more polka dot liners? Funky stripes? daisies? =o)

    The tower is fabulous! =o) Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  6. Amber

    I am in love with the knit cupcakes! My idea for a new cupcake wrap would be maybe an elegant oriental designed kimono! Or maybe like a red dragon that wraps around the cupcakes.

  7. Trina

    I really love the polka dot cupcake liners; they are perfect for spring! And I really like the knit cupcakes, they are adorable! I think it would be really neat if you had more animal print liners; giraffe print for example…it would look great white with brown spots or white with pink spots! :)

  8. Kaoru

    I love the reversible polka-dot liners! I would love if they came in more color combos (pink/green, light blue/brown, etc.)

  9. Amanda

    I was also in love with the knit cupcakes! We are doing a cupcake/bakery theme in my daughters room and I have scoured the internet for “non-cheesy” stuffed cupcakes. These are the first ones that make the cake (excuse the pun). I also really liked the LuLu Black cupcake wrap. I have never used a wrap and it looks perfect for a bachelorette party I am throwing!

  10. Jamie Wyatt

    I really liked the knit cupcakes and the polka dotted liners. I like that the liners are biodegradable as well. I would like to see them add animal printed wrappers, those would be fantastic!

  11. Lise'

    Ooh! They have really pretty things! My favorite item is the Vintage Pink Roses Penant. Any cupcake printed wrap (preferably in a shade of pink) would be absolutely wonderful if they added it to their line. Thanks!

  12. Ashley

    Wow! What a great site! I loved the Zebra Birthday Banner with those hot pink bows! I think a neat idea for a cupcake liner would be a lazer-cut black liner that looks like an intricate gothic fence!

  13. Alison

    I love the wedding toppers! I think more printed cupcake wraps would be perfect additions!

  14. Beejay

    Hey! Thier stuff is really cute. I would really like to buy more biodegradeable/ recycled things, I just find that they cost so much! I really liked the hand-painted garlands. Those would be great for a child’s birthday! As for the cupcake liners, I think there should be more solid colors. I don’t always want something crazy!

  15. Angie

    I LOVE the party hats! From pirate to princess, those are precious and a perfect touch for a birthday party.
    cupcake wrap – i like the crown with princess cut out, but would love the crown by itself, or another idea is army green with army tanks…

  16. Carly

    I love the paisley cupcake liners!

    I think it would be neat if you could submit a picture and then they turn it into a cuppy wrapper!

  17. Lindsey

    I loveee thezabra liners, I think with bright colored frosting those would be so adorable! I would love to see maybe a ocean wave wrap or bow themed wrap.

  18. Nina

    I have to say that the knit cupcakes where adorable!…and also it would be pretty awesome if they made a beach type cupcake wrap or hello kitty wrap….or even rainbow!!!!!

  19. Amber A

    I love the biodegradable Baking Mould in the floral print! So cute it would make making bread that much sweeter. :) I would love love love to see some cupcake sleeves in bright spring colors

  20. Shannon G

    I love the graham carriers.. But the tower would work wonderful at my church!! I want to see more Farm animal prints!!

  21. J-Sue

    i think the bamboo garden tool salad server set is super cute! i would totally use it because i serve salad alot.
    the cutest cupcake liners would be liners with pink flamingos on them! not only do i love anything cupcake, but i love flamingos as well. i would use them for any occassion too!

  22. Jennifer

    I like the Train wrappers in the picture. I am throwing a birthday party for my nephew in two weeks and the theme is trains! These are perfect!

  23. Natasha Collins

    I love their hand dyed flower garlands. Gorgeous!
    As for cupcakes cases could they do some glittery ones?

  24. cupcake krystin

    LOVE the eco-friendly cupcake products! great website and great concept. the recycled paper zebra cupcake wraps are sexy!! a great way to spice up your baking. they also mentioned lining them with solid color liners, great idea. on their website i would like to see a cupcake stand in the shape of a cupcake.

  25. The Cupcake Cauldron

    I LOVE the handmade knit cupcakes! So cute!!!

  26. Jessica H

    I love the daisy cupcake wrappers. Give such a bright sunny feeling. Perfect for a yellow themed wedding :)

  27. Giveaway Reminder | All Things Cupcake

    […] a reminder to enter our cupcake stand giveaway sponsored by Green Party Goods by Sunday. Please click here to […]

  28. adrian

    I love the handmade knit cupcakes. I just bought a cupcake stand, & those would look adorable with it when I don’t have fresh cupcakes.

  29. Jeny Crews

    I don’t have a favorite item, they are all so wonderful! What I like is that they are made from recycled paper! I’d love to something with a bird design :)!

  30. Lina

    The turquoise floral cupcake liners are lovely! I’d love to see more Halloweeny/goth wrappers. Maybe those’ll have to wait for Halloween season even though I know there have got to be other folks out there like me who use those sorts of things year round.

  31. Nichole

    I love the flowered liners they are so pretty!

  32. Heaven

    I love the princess cupcake wrap. My daughter would love it! I think they should have a glitter cupcake holder. Something that sparkles and is just pretty! :-D

  33. Claire

    I love the vintage roses bunting. It would be great to see a cupcake wrapper with cut-out tea cups and teapots.

    Claire x

  34. Patti

    Love the princess cupcake wraps and the cupcake carriers!!!!

  35. Erinn

    I love love love the turquoise wrappers with the roses…the fact that they are all recycled paper without having that ‘recycled’ look is amazing! I could reeeeeeeeeallly use that cupcake stand for a wedding I have coming up (I’m not a professional, and it’s for a close friend!)

  36. Jessiac

    So hard to pick a favorite item but I would have to say the cupcake flet bag!! So cute! I would love to see some cupcake wrappers with a bike cut-outs. My husband is a bike cicylist and I would love to be able to make a cupcake just for him themed w his favorite hobby!

  37. Carley W.

    I love the handmade knit cupcakes …. such cute little goodies.

  38. Laura

    Can’t hurt to try entering your contest!!

    I, like most people on this comment spree, reallyyy love the knit cupcakes! I mean zero calories, they look wonderful and super soft, and never spoil!! How can you go wrong? So if I had to pick a favorite cupcake item on Green Party Goods, it would be the knit cupcakes. :]

    As for an idea for cupcake wrappers, hmmm the zebra stripes are cool but I think they could be better if you offered them in more than one color. Like zebra stripes on hot pink, or purple, green, etc. This is a crazy idea but how about a cupcake wrapper that looked like a holy piece of cheese! So like yellow with a bunch of swiss holes in it hehe I think that would be cute. :]

    Thank you!

  39. Lena

    I love the reversible polka-dot wraps…well, ok–I pretty much love all of the wraps especially the ones with the cutouts. More reversable wraps would be fun!

  40. Suzanne

    I love the cupcake liners- so creative. I would suggest summer themes such as hot dogs, corn on the cob, ice cream, watermelon, baseball teams (Cubs), etc. I also like the organza pouches. Different sizes (smaller maybe would be good?)

    I saw someone else comment about monogram letters and that is a GREAT idea for showers, bdays, etc. Some more formal and some more whimsical!

  41. Karenlee Scharnagle

    Love the polka dots!

  42. Cara

    I would LOVE one of the Eco Cupcake Stands, either round or square. I think they should have cupcake holders that have cupcake designs on them. :])

  43. Nicole H.

    I loved the Handmade Knit Mini Cupcakes…They were adorable!

    I think they could feature a “green” picnic basket with recycled glasses and tableware, etc…and of course some red and white gingham cupcake liners or their “Gingham Cupcake Carrier”.

  44. Melanie Couch

    Food Face Dinner Plate is my favorite item. So cute. I would love to see baby cupcake liners. Thanks for the giveaway.

  45. Amber Vee

    The knit cupcakes are my favorite item. I would love to see wrappers for baby showers.

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  47. S.

    I love the turquoise floral cupcake liners! So pretty, especially for Spring. I’d also love to see some bright, solid colored liners. Most of the ones I find in the stores are soft, pastel colors that don’t really catch the eye.

  48. joey

    I know today is the “call out the winner’s name” day .. but I just wanted to put in my comment. I’m getting married in September (Labor Day Weekend), and it’s a small 50 guest wedding. I didn’t want to do a wedding cake, as they never taste the way you want them too, and they are too EXPENSIVE! So we decided on cupcakes .. so I too am in search of the perfect cupcake tower! I love the recycled black filigree wrappers! My color are black, white, and blue!

  49. Tea Party

    loved this blog!

  50. Cristina Gemellaro

    My favorite item(s) are the Recycled Paper Cupcake Wrap LuLu Black. It would be very nice to see some more party favors to give away at weddings.

    Thanks so much for this contest! I’m hoping to win to use the stand at my wedding!!!

    We appreciate you!!!

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