Alice Cupcakes

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We received these photos and this email from ATC Reader Ali…
Hi there,
My name is Ali and I run a blog called Three Baking Sheets to the Wind.  Since I’m beyond excited for the release of the new Alice in Wonderland, I made themed cupcakes to celebrate and thought I would share them with the baking world.
Those are so amazing! Thank you so much for sharing! ;)
Please check out Sugared Cinema: Alice in Wonderland
for more pictures and information!
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5 Responses to Alice Cupcakes

  1. kimberlyloc

    These are magnificent! Love love love.

  2. Kim

    Oh my gosh, i love these! well done! *bravo*

  3. Tay

    They are so cute.

  4. Brittanie

    I blogged about those amazing cupcakes too! They’re too fantastic to eat!

  5. stephanie

    WOW those are gorgeous!!!

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