Homemade or Canned Frosting?

By on March 12th, 2010 . Filed under: Cupcake Ideas .

I found this great article about canned frosting vs. homemade.

Canned Vs. Homemade – is there a difference?

I personally prefer homemade. Canned is too sweet.

What is your preference?

It would be nice to do the same with homemade cake or boxed cake mix! Can you tell the difference?

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11 Responses to Homemade or Canned Frosting?

  1. Ashley

    My philosophy is that homemade (frosting or cake mix) is always better than store-bought. But at the same time, store-bought frosting or cake is better than no frosting or cake! In a pinch, it’ll do just fine!

  2. Mary

    Hands down homemade is better! I think canned frosting has a weird, fake taste to it.

  3. lovey

    A cake mix can be doctored up a bit (i.e. add a pudding mix, etc…) to taste close to some home made cakes, but still home made wins hands down. I have even added cream cheese to a canned frosting with pretty good results, but again, home made is always better when ever possible in my book.

  4. Lynda Whittemore

    Please, does anyone have a recipe for “proper” American style frosting with the corn syrup? Thanks!

  5. Lise'

    Homemade is much richer tasting. Canned frosting tastes too sweet and sometimes is grainy. Lynda, I would like to see the corn syrup frosting recipe if you run across it.

  6. Sami

    I use a homemade butter cream.. it is awesome and I get great raves about it on everything I make…

  7. HeatherLynn

    Chocolate Cream Cheese frosting is my fave!

  8. Jennifer

    Homemade all the way!

  9. Sue

    Homemade, hands down!!!

  10. Laura M.

    Homemade – no question! Canned frosting just tastes fake and processed. I love the buttercream I make because it’s got fresh, organic ingredients and goes well with any flavor cupcake, without overpowering it.

  11. sue

    Canned frosting is just plain awful. Great for little kids to use. Homemade is not that difficult and tastes 100% better.

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