Cupcake Ear Plugs

By on March 11th, 2010 . Filed under: Accessories, Cupcake Ideas, Jewelry .

Here is one more thing I can check off the list of “Things I’ve Never Seen Before”: Cupcake Ear Plugs. These particular pieces are Collector’s Edition Cupcakes from Omerica Organic, and all 100 pairs have already sold out (sorry, cupcake hipsters). [Thanks to The Dainty Squid and her fantastic Photostream for the original pic.]

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3 Responses to Cupcake Ear Plugs

  1. Shae

    aww I was planning to stretch my earlobes too =(

  2. joellycupcakes

    i so wanted to get these but they’ve been sold out for months!

  3. Erin

    They actually have a new cupcake style up now-

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