March 3rd is National Cupcake Day?

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It appears there’s some confusion as to exactly when we have a holiday to celebrate our favorite frosted treat. According to All Things Cupcake and the National Food Holidays calendar, National Cupcake Day is on December 15th. But according to the Baltimore Sun, Buzzy Bloggers, the Showbiz Gossips Blog and Twirlit, National Cupcake Day was on March 3rd. It looks like the March 3rd movement started on Twirlit when writer Amanda Pendolino declares March 3rd National Cupcake Day “according to…well, my stomach”.

But who’s to gainsay Amanda Pendolino’s stomach?  Isn’t that (and your tastebuds, of course!) the ultimate judge when it comes to all things cupcake?  Also, 365 days is a long time. I think there’s room enough in a year for two National Cupcake Days. Don’t you?

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