Cupcake Lovers Be Warned!

By on March 1st, 2010 . Filed under: News, Press .

NPR recently featured an article titled: Move Over, Cupcake: Make Way For The Macaroon.  The article claims that each decade tends to have a definitive sweet and that the cupcake’s time is up.  According to the article, our beloved cupcakes will soon be replaced by macaroons.  Do you agree, are macaroons the new cupcake?

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15 Responses to Cupcake Lovers Be Warned!

  1. Lise'

    Cupcakes are here to stay – at least for another decade! Macaroons are delightful, however.

  2. Erica B.

    Macaroons are nice and all, but they are not cupcakes. They don’t know what they are talking about…LOL!!

  3. stayhomecupcake

    No way! Cupcakes aren’t going anywhere!

  4. redvelvetcupcakes

    No way, macaroons could never replace the cupcake! I think they can peacefully coexist!

  5. heather

    You cannot replace a classic…cupcakes are like pearls, or white button down shirts, or a Bob…irreplaceable!

  6. Melissa

    hell no! who in the world eats those anyway? oh wow they are pink who cares. cupcake possibilities are endless and cutest thing ever like hello?!?! and it’s cake, tiny itty bitty cake, all yours, omg stuff that cupcake in your mouth and smile ah no room for a macaroon here

  7. Cassandra

    Macaroons are everywhere. Cupcakes will always be a classic but macroons are the new thing.

  8. Shelby

    I personally think macaroons are disgusting, so I will be making and rooting for cupcakes for decades to come!

  9. Stacy R

    While I have seen macaroons everywhere lately, they are definitely no cupcake.

  10. Gem

    No way..cupcakes will be popular for decades to come!!! the undecorated macaroon could never take their place!!

  11. Jaclynn

    No way!

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  13. Emi

    How are these even macaroons??!!??! They will never come close to cupcakes. Dream on!!

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