DIY Cupcake Stand

By on February 27th, 2010 . Filed under: Crafts .

This weekend, why not get crafty and make these DIY Cupcake Stands from Once Wed.  The necessary items and instructions are listed on the website.  The project is affordable at an estimated cost of $18 for 2 stands.  This is the perfect way to put your own personal touch on your cupcake display.  If you attempt this project be sure to share the finished product displaying your favorite cupcakes with us!

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4 Responses to DIY Cupcake Stand

  1. rebecca

    thanks for sharing. i’m going to make one for my daughter’s birthday party

  2. cupcake stand

    What a fantastic idea, never thought of that! Makes you creative and something the whole family can enjoy doing. You can steal ideas from here as well

  3. Mirta Pitzer

    Hello Wonderful website you have amazinggreat tips

  4. Hank

    It is wonderful here for learning how to DIY cupcake stand. But i think it is better to buy cupcake stands instead of doing them by yourself. Welcome to We wholesale cupcake stand

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