Cupcake Hand-Etched Mirror

By on February 25th, 2010 . Filed under: Home Decor .

8×8 inch Personalize-able Cupcake HAND-ETCHED Mirror $15.00

Hand etched cupcake inspired mirror.
Include a saying or a name on the top for no additional charge.

The seller can do anything cupcake related. Just ask! ;)

I think these would look awesome in a bakery. You could do a series…cake, cupcakes, pie, etc.

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  1. elizabeth

    I was wondering what all you could design. I’m thinking of a housewarming gift for my younger sister. She loves cupcakes and I don’t know what else would make her happier. If you could please email a list of things that you would be able to create that would we unique enough to dazzle her!! LOL Thanks

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