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Every girl needs a little bling in their life, right? Well, the designers at Dazzle and Chunk are here to help!  They customize it your favorite items to make personalized charm bracelets.  First you choose your bracelet, then add charms and spacers.

So what  does Dazzle and Chunk have to do with cupcakes?  Well, check out a small sample of their beautiful cupcake jewelry:



 Dazzle and Chunk’s  jewelry is well-made and so perfect for all our cupcake lovers.  I own several pieces of their jewelry and I love them all!  They are sweet, yet sophisticated.  This week Dazzle and Chunk are giving away this pair of cupcake earrings. 


 Just go to Dazzle and Chunk’s  shop and look at all their jewelry.  Then come back to ATC and click on the comment area below.  Please tell us what cupcake item is your favorite AND what kind of charm you think they should create next.  This contest ends on Sunday, February 27th. 

Special thanks to Dazzle and Chunk for sponsoring this week’s giveaway!


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104 Responses to Cupcake Bling Giveaway

  1. Mary Scheske

    Definitely a “24 Karot” carrot cake cupcake :)

  2. lori t

    they are all so cute. but i do love the cupcake stuff the most. i also like anything that has to do with “mom” so more of mom stuff is great!!! cute stuff!!!

  3. Ashley :)

    I must say that i just adore the A Adorable Blue Cupcake Necklace With Gemstones. I LOVE the color blue and the multi colored sprinkles are to die for!

    As for a new idea, I would love to see a lollipop necklace. <3

  4. lori t

    OH and my FAVE FAVE FAVE one if I have to pick ONE is the valentines cupcake. too cute!!!

  5. adrian

    One thing is cuter than the next, but I love A Dazzle & Chunk Blue “Cheeky Cupcake” Necklace with Crystal Sprinkles. I think I need to buy that!!

  6. sydney

    Oh, I love the “A Handmade Blue Polka Dot Cupcake Necklace”! I love that each would be unique, and the swirly frosting is so cute.

    What I would really want is a pair of tiny sterling cupcake earrings. I wear silver jewelry all of the time, and having an elegant pair of just sterling would make sure that it would go with all outfits!

  7. erica

    I love the vintage and gemstone cupcake! So subtle and it has beautiful colors!

  8. Shannon

    Those are the most beautiful Silver tone Cupcake earrings, Necklace and bracelets.. I love them all..

  9. Stacy R

    I love the Adorable Dark Pink Cupcake Necklace With Gemstones. If I had to add anything, it would be the Adorable Vintage & Gemstone Accented Cupcake Necklace but in silver, not just gold.

  10. Christina

    I really like the Adorable Pink Cupcake Necklace With Gemstones. They should do cupcakes with initials on them so I could get one for each of my kids =) Or birthstone cupcakes.

  11. Jen

    I love the “Adorable Pink Cupcake Necklace With Gemstones.” I think they need initials and birthstone cupcakes also. :-)

  12. Beth

    I totally dig the Vintage & Gemstone Accented necklace in gold. It would be fabulous in silver.

  13. Kerri

    I love the Earrings sooo much!
    Next up should be a tiny cupcake cell phone charm/ zipper pull! I would have one on every coat and on my cell phone for sure!

  14. Beckster

    I love all of the cupcake stuff, so cute. I think a slice of cake would be adorable as well as a cute ice cream cone. My hubby and I met while we were working at a Haagen Daz, so ice cream is very dear to me.

  15. barb

    They are all pretty, but especially the dark pink cupcake necklace! I’d like to see a cupcake necklace with say all different mini cupcakes on one chain so you could wear your favorite cupcakes every day & match anything.

  16. Kristina W.

    I’m a sterling silver girl, so I like the SS cupcake charm with pink icing. I’d like to see one with chocolate/brown icing!

  17. Samantha

    My fave is the Silver Cupcake bracelet with crystals!!!! So cute! And of course I love those earrings! They should make a cute silver ice cream cone with crystals too! How sweet!

  18. Lise'

    My favorite item is the Adorable Pink Sterling Silver Cupcake Necklace. I think their next item should be a cupcake charm with a gold base and pink top, sprinkled with pink gemstones. Thanks!

  19. Jennifer

    I love their cupcake stuff! I definitely think they should do birthstone cupcakes. How awesome would that be?

  20. Bari

    My favorite is the ice cream with crystals. The next one they should make is a dachshund!! I know this is a “cupcake website,” and the cupcake should have been my favorite. I LOVE them… it was hard to choose… but my favorite is definitely the ice cream!

  21. Ashley

    I love all there cupcake stuff! I think they should make a cupcake charm with initals on it for your name with polka dots.

  22. Georgianna

    I love the blue cupcake necklace with gemstones. This is soo cute!! It’s a great idea too! I think they should do some teacup charms. I saw the teapot- but how can you have a teaparty without little cups? :)

  23. Laura Lizbinski

    Oh I love everything Cupcake…. I especially like the silver cupcake earrings. If I don’t win them, I will be getting them for myself. (And maybe a pair for my nieces, too!)

    I would love to see them do a Red Velvet Cupcake Charm or earrings!!

  24. sara

    Wow great contest! I love the white cupcake with purple sprinkles :) also like the icecream with sprinkles.
    Other flavours of cupcakes (such as red velvet and chocolate) would be neat, but any other sort of sweet looks cute on a charm!

  25. Jennifer

    I love the purple cupcake with gemstones. I think a red velvet one would be cute!

  26. Kaoru

    Love them all! But especially the “A Adorable Pink Sterling Silver Cupcake Necklace”

  27. Cupcake Forum

    I like the A Adorable Vintage & Gemstone Accented Cupcake Necklace-Gold & I think they should make a magnolia charm.

  28. stacy

    I love the vintage cupcakes, they remind me of being in my grandma’s kitchen whipping up some red velvets…..ahhhhhh youth.

  29. Emma

    Oh the cupcake stuff is too cute, but my fave is definitely the vintage gold-accented cupcake or the silver cupcake bracelet.
    Personally, I’d love to see some vintage-like owl jewelry-it’s all so fun! :)

  30. Elisa Swanger

    My favorite is the ‘Adorable Vintage & Gemstone Accented Cupcake Necklace-Gold’! I do like lots of color so maybe it would be pretty great to have a cupcake charm with words like Mom or initials. Great stuff!

  31. Emily

    I like the Yummy Yellow Sprinkled Handmade Cupcake Pendant the most, and for another idea they could do more cute food items like a piece of toast or a pie ;-D

  32. Ruby

    Love the Vintage & Gemstone cupcake necklace! I’d like to see more vintage cupcake items!

  33. Nina

    My favorite is the Cupcake bracelet, blue with crystals, but I LOVE the cupcake earrings too!

    I think that they should do different flavors like chocolate or red velvet, or carrot cake to mix it up a little bit!

  34. Amber

    I have fallen in love with their light blue cupcake charm with blue crystals! Sophisticated and looks sweet enough to eat!
    I would love to see some with fruits on top! Strawberries and cherries maybe?

  35. Travis

    I saw this site and thought my wife would go crazy for those cupcake earrings. She’s a baking fanatic these days! I think all the charms are cool, I bet my wife would like the purple charms. They should make some with cool cupcake cups like with stripes and zebra prints.

  36. odette

    I love the Vintage & Gemstone Accented Cupcake Necklace. I also really like the slice of cake necklace. I would love to see a macaron charm.

  37. Penny Beebe

    THE BLUE CUPCAKE with the crystals!! Sooo incredible cute and FUN! Gotta have a few of these to tie into my business!! YEAH!! This site amazes me every day!! THANK YOU ATC!!

  38. Rebecca Carter

    I love the handmade pink polka dot charm. It is so cute!

    I love to see other sweets as charms so I think cookies, ice cream cones or candy would be awesome!

  39. Kiki Shaw Hutchins

    I love the silver and white cupcake necklace with the gemstones. Its cute enough for my taste and I can wear it to work. I’d love to see them make a funky bracelet with cupcakes and skulls!

  40. LJ

    I loved the “Vintage & Gemstone Accented Cupcake Necklace-Gold” – so elegant! I’d love to see charms that look like vintage layer cakes…

  41. Sara

    it was really hard to choose which one Iike the best but the winner is the “Adorable Yellow Cupcake Necklace With Gemstones” its so fun! I think they should make one with “Chocolate frosting” and green and pink gem stones!

  42. Valentina

    They are all so cute! But my favourite would have to be the ‘adorable pink cupcake with gemstones’ it’s so simple and pretty. I would love if they added a vintage style unicorn or a cute yellow airplane to their charm collection.. or a kitten..or sailboat! Or a kitten on a sailboat?! Hehe I’m getting a little too excited here! <3

  43. Jessica Lynn

    The pink cupcake with gemstones is ridiculously cute, I love it! I’d like to see some larger cupcake charms and necklaces (I’m flashy!) haha

  44. Heather

    I love all of the cupcake items. My favorite is definitely the pink cupcake with gemstones. Pink is my favorite color. I would love to see a charm bracelet with different cupcakes on it.

  45. Melanie Couch

    Cupcake bracelet, silvertone with crystals has to be my fav. I love anything silver. I think I’d like to see something in silver and gold as the only colors with a few crystals. They all are so cute!!

  46. Lisa Davies

    I love them all! But if I had to choose I would say the cupcake bracelet silvertone w/crystals…the donut necklace is super cute too!

  47. Angelia

    I like the lolipop charm and the yellow cupcake with crystals. Would like to see a hockey charm, the Eiffel tower, Cherry blossom tree, or lotus flower.

  48. Sheena


  49. Angie

    my favorite is the adorable pink cupcake necklace with gemstones! how about a chocolate one with a cherry on top?

  50. Heather

    I love all the cupcake jewelry especially the “Yummy Blue Sprinkled Handmade Cupcake Pendant” it’s so cute! I think a St. Patty’s Day cupcake would be cute with little shamrocks as sprinkles. It could also be a “lucky cupcake pendant”

  51. Kira Adams

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the vintage gemstone cupcake necklace! It would be really cute to put that on a “tea party” charm bracelet with cake slices, a little tea cup with saucer,some sugar cubes and crumpets!

  52. Ashley B.

    I loved them all! They are so cute. I can’t think of anything they need to add! lol

  53. Nicole

    Wow… how can you choose just one??? I love them all, but am really partial to the dark pink cupcake with stones :D. And I think a piece of cake or a fortune cookie charm would be adorable :D

  54. Maria

    A Handmade Pink, Purple, and Blue Polka Dot Cupcake Necklace is my favorite…would LOVE to see some charms of baking tools, like a mini rolling pin (would love to add that to my own charm bracelet).

  55. Pattij

    I love the adorable pink cupcake with gemstones! So darn cute!

  56. Amber A

    I love the vintage and gemstone cupcake! And I think that they should make some spoons, and a whisk and a kitchen aid! They would make the best charm bracelet ever!

  57. Theresa Queen

    I like any of the “multi” colored stones cupcakes! I would like to see a bunny/rabbit charm : )

  58. Sonia Duenas

    A Dazzle & Chunk White “Classy Cupcake” Necklace with Sprinkles is my favorite. I love the colors. so sweet. and charmwise, totally a pie charm! cherry, apple, and peach is the besttt. i saw donuts and cake… but for a person who grew up in the south, a slice of pie makes a heart pitter patter. =]

  59. DanyCakes

    LOOOOOOOVE the earrings! the sterling silver pink cupcake is great too! super cute =)

  60. Lina

    I’m torn between the silvertone cupcake bracelet and the vintage and gemstone accented necklace. I think the bracelet wins out just barely because I prefer silver to gold, so perhaps more of the vintage-style ones in a different finish/color could be the next offering?

  61. mon

    I love the Adorable pink necklace with gemstones. with the chocolate drizzled on top, the pink hook for the necklace to go though, can almost be mistaken for a cherry. Definitely adorable!

    I would love to see a mixing bowl and spoon charm!

  62. Samantha P.

    I love the Adorable Purple Cupcake Necklace With Gemstones. They are all so cute though!

    As far as another charm… I love anything with owls on it! :-)

  63. Jessica :)

    I loveeee all the cupcake ones, and the birdcage. It would be really cute if they made anchors and nautical themed charms!!

  64. Cheryl McCullough

    I love your blog and I passed an award to you! Check out my blog! Even if yall dont have time too I still love your blog!

  65. Elizabeth Woodruff

    Everything is sooo adorable on the website!! It’s so hard to choose what my favorite is! I guess I’d have to say though that the Dazzle and Chunk Purple “Spring Cupcake” Necklace was my favorite!

    You know how they have the best friend heart necklaces and they cut the heart in half and one half says “best” and then the other half says “friend” and you have one half and then your bestfriend has the other half?? I think they should do something like that only with the crystal cupcake necklace charms! And they should have sets for bestfriends and for boyfriends and girlfriends and sets for husbands and wives. That would be sooo cute!!! :D

  66. Valerie Meyer

    All the cupcake stuff is very cute! I am planning a cupcake theme birthday party for my daughter and need to buy some of it to wear! I really like the Cupcake bracelet, pink with crystals. I would love to see them do a whole sweets line with ice cream, lollipops, candy, etc.

  67. BriannaPiranha

    If I had to choose something, I think it’d be the Adorable Purple Cupcake Necklace With Gemstones :D It’s insanely sweet. And as far as an idea goes, maybe donuts or Pop Tarts! They would both be amazingly cute as jewelry :]

  68. BriannaPiranha

    If I were to choose just one, it would be the Adorable Purple Cupcake Necklace with Gemstones :D It’s insanely sweet. For an idea, i’d probably go with donuts or Pop Tarts! Either would be amazingly cute as jewelry :]

  69. Ashley

    Oh I loved the cupcake with purple crystal sprinkles!!! And next I think they need to make a little cupcake charm featuring a big red crystal for a cherry because I didn’t see any cupcakes with cherries (in the crystal studded category) and that’s my favourite kind of cupcake!

  70. Malorie

    I love the cupcake earrings! all of them! I am definitely buying some even if I do not win the giveaway! I would love to see some owl earrings, owls are super cute!

  71. Sammy D

    I loved the brass bird, but the vintage brooch was also gorgeous. Let’s see an icecream themed line next! ;)

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  73. Stacy Angel

    I love the cupcake earings, nothing like a lil sugar dangling from your ears <3

  74. Patti D

    Loved the vintage pieces and the flip flop charms…but of course the cupcake pieces were my favs….I agree ..cupcake charms with birthstones would be awesome!!

  75. Jane Burton-Davies

    I love them all but if I had to pick one hmmm The pink sterling silver cupcake necklace – I think they should make a Princess Necklace neck – tiara on a cupcake would be perfect for all little Princesses and big ones too. lol

    Have a lovely day.

  76. Stacey T

    I love the little pink cupcake…so cute! I would say that a cup and saucer charm would go great with a cupcake! I know that I don’t eat my cupcakes without a hot cup of tea or coffee.

  77. colleenie

    Mmmm….donuts….imma big Simpsons fan so I totally want the Donut charm necklace. I also like the adorable purple cupcake necklace. It’s a really pretty color. Ideas? Maybe some fruit charms: apples, bananas, watermelon, cherries. Mmkay…I’m hungry now. Thanks ATC :)

  78. Alison

    I love the Dazzle & Chunk Blue “Cheeky Cupcake” Necklace with Crystal Sprinkles. So cute! I’d love a cupcake ring of some sort!

  79. Carly

    I like the vintage cupcake necklace :) What about charm baby animals?

  80. Laurie

    Hello Kitty and Cupcakes… A company that sells my two favorite things. How awesome is that? Next up, play jewelry for children.

  81. Emily S.

    My favorite is a tie between the dark pink cupcake charm and the vintage gemstone charm :]

    I think they should make a wedding cake charm!

  82. Shawna

    I love their website. I have bought a few things in the past. I adore their whole cupcake line.

    It’s hard to pick a favorite, either the cupcake pink necklace or the donut necklace or the cupcake pink earrings :)

    I’d love to see maybe a plate with cupcakes on it charm, or 3 cupcakes in a row necklace

  83. NancyG

    They are all so cute. I want them all, but my favorite one is the Adorable Pink Cupcake Necklace With Gemstones.

  84. astheroshe

    Cupcakes rule! DIG the ear bobs!

  85. Sarah

    My favorite is Dazzle & Chunk’s White “Classy Cupcake” Necklace with Sprinkles. It is so- well, classy that I’m thinking of wearing it with formal outfits! I would love if they made a cupcake locket that opened up to stash a tiny picture. That would be amazing!

  86. Trouble Baker

    Id have to say the classy cupcake with sprinkles since I already own the pink one!!!

  87. Chelsea

    The earrings kill with the rhinestone sprinkles. Any thing cupcake is always a plus, as Dazzle and Chunk has shown.

  88. Rose Dale

    I would like to enter the Cupcake earring giveaway.
    Thank You!

  89. jessica

    my favorite is the Pink “Sassy Cupcake” Necklace with Crystal Sprinkles.. it’s perfect for me since my boyfriend always says how sassy I am! lol! I think they should create a engagement ring charm with a big white crystal for the stone

  90. Dyan

    I enjoy the ‘Sassy Cupcake Necklace with Crystal Sprinkles’ the most!

    The charm that should be created next: a Brownie! I adore brownies!!! You could make them in all different styles with various colors and not just all chocolate. Also, an all chocolate icing cupcake should be included!

  91. Monica

    I absolutely loved the “A Adorable Pink Cupcake Necklace With Gemstones”. So feminine, and adorable!
    I think maybe they should create a charm where the base of the cupcake is a storage, and the frosting top opens up. That would be so cute!

  92. Candace R

    I love the purple cupcakes. They are so spring like and colorful. I would like to see some charms that say ‘mom’ or ‘mommy’ on them. :)

  93. Chutzpah

    The pink and silver cupcake charm is the cutest!

  94. bunnyb

    I love the A Adorable Purple Cupcake Necklace With Gemstones best, and they should make a unicorn charm!

  95. Shawna

    OMG I love the swarovski cupcakes. Bling and cupcakes my two favorite things!!!

  96. TiffaneyC

    I love the pink cupcakes :) I think more edible items such as donuts or cakes <3

  97. KristinB

    I love the Pink “Sassy Cupcake” Necklace with Crystal Sprinkles. I think a lot of people are into scrapbooking and party planning these days, so it would be cool to see a charm representing either of these.

  98. mikelle sheggrud

    my favorite charm is the yellow spring charm because my husband loves them and i think you should make a motorcycle charm. i ride and my harley i call “cupcake”. even my license plate says cupcake.that would be hot!

  99. cupcake krystin

    my favorite cupcake item is the adorable vintage & gemstone accented cupcake necklace, love it. i would also purchase a blue bird charm if they had one. i love the vintage brass bird charm and the sterling silver fleur de lis charm. they have great prices too!

  100. Dawna

    My favorite cupcake item is the Adorable Blue Cupcake Necklace With Gemstones. Can this cupcake also be purchased as a charm? Would love to see some sassy cake charms.

  101. Jennifer C

    Anything pastry if a must for me since I am a pastry chef. I really like the ice cream cone. It will make a great addition to my charm bracelet. I think their next item should be a Whisk & Spatula combo. I need that for my bracelet.

  102. Cherie M

    Cupcake Earrings Haiku
    Sweet and sparkly
    These cupcake earrings dangle
    as I nibble cake!

  103. Lindsay C

    I’m all about Cupcakes so of course that is the only section I look under. My fav was A Adorable Purple Cupcake Necklace With Gemstones. I’m also big on Piercing so id love to see some Cupcakes with gemstones as body jewelry.

  104. BettiLove18

    Too cute! My favorite was A Adorable Yellow Cupcake Necklace With Gemstones. I’d love the idea of body piercings as well, but how about baking supplies? A wisk, spatula, rolling pin,and maybe some cookie cutters?

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