Cupcake Competitions Coast to Coast

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February isn’t just about presidential federal holidays or your valentine…it’s also about bare-knuckles cupcake smackdowns.  The East Coast brings us the Iron Cupcake Challenge on February 28th at the Tortilla Press Cantina. Open to the amateur and the baking professional, the fifth annual Iron Cupcake Challenge will center (like its namesake) around one special ingredient: chilies.  Cost to participate is $15 for adults and $7 for kids under 12, and the proceeds from this event will go towards earthquake relief in Haiti.

From the left coast we have the third annual Cupcake Challenge on February 20th at the Hollywood Renaissance Hotel. Over 20 Southern California cupcakeries will go head to head for the honor of becoming the Cupcake Challenge Champion. Since it’s LA, there’s a celebrity judge panel, but members of the public in attendance at the event also get an equal vote.  20 different cupcakes to sample, $40 at the door – if you have room in your stomach, the math works out in your favor.

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  1. Penny Beebe

    A “sweet” day to everyone! I am happy today as I am creating a cupcake ohh!-verall for a “dad” in NJ! He along with other dads dress in costume and stage a yearly event to raise money for their children’s school. This year’s theme is Healthy food vs. Junk food. I’m so glad he’s on the junk food side…….Imagine having to dress in a granola bar or container of yogurt! LOL! HIS participation truly brings home my lil’ saying of “think outside the cupcake wrapper!” Love this…… Penny/ owner of

  2. hungry runner

  3. Sonjia

    I love your site! I can’t wait to check out your new store in Canton, MI

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