Cupcake Pedestal Giveaway

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 This week’s giveaway comes to us from new Etsy seller OnceUponAPedestal.   In her shop you will find lovely dessert stands and pedestals.  OnceUponAPedestal gathers new and used plates in all shapes, colors and sizes and matches them with unique bases of different heights to create beautiful trays.  These are great for displaying your deliciously sweet treats.  I have thoroughly searched Etsy and have found no one else that makes these unique cupcake pedestals.

I am so happy to own this well-made and whimsical cupcake pedestal.  It holds 1-3 regular size cupcakes and is the perfect centerpiece for my cupcake displays.  The glass base is just as pretty and perfect.  This stand is now my favorite item in my cupcake collection!

This week OnceUponAPedestal is giving away this wonderful cupcake pedestal: 

 Just go toOnceUponAPedestal’s Etsy shop and look at all her amazing creations.  Then come back to ATC and click on the comment area below.  Please tell us what item is your favorite AND what kind of pedestal you think she should create next.  This contest ends on Sunday, February 14th. 

Special thanks toOnceUponAPedestal for sponsoring this week’s giveaway!

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132 Responses to Cupcake Pedestal Giveaway

  1. Lise

    They are all very lovely! My favorite is the “Pretty In Pink” pedestal. For her next design, she should use round white milk glass plates with open scalloped edges. Weave pastel-printed grosgrain ribbon in and out of the edges and attach to a pedestal. Thank you :-)

  2. Amanda

    Pretty much in love with the sprinkles on top one! For her next pedestal it would be cool to see fruit plates on top! Would make for an awesome fruit tray, or make for a really fresh summer decor!

  3. Amanda

    I love the “sprinkles on top” one! A new idea, is a fruit plate pedestal…..find like a strawberry, watermelon, or a variety plate….for on top….makes for a really cool platter…or fresh summer decor!

  4. Cathy

    I love the cupcake fairy stand. It is so adorable!! Simple yet elegant. The price is amazing too. WOW!!! Coming from Boston I would love to see a shamrock plate… for us Irish folk!!! Another idea is a plate with those 50’s style house wives with the snarky remarks on them… LOVE them!! In all honesty though, you have a fabulous talent!

  5. Ruby

    I adore the cupcake fairy stand! This is perfect for my daughter who collects both themes! I love the idea of shamrocks. Also a beach themed pedestal for those of us who love outdoor summer parties.

  6. Jordan

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Cherry on top!!!
    Next, should be a cupcake with a cute smiling face on it <3

  7. Heather

    I love love love the Cupcake Fairy Stand. I think BIRTHDAY stands would be great for her next project. I always theme my little girls birthday parties with sweets, so I would definitely purchase one for her birthday!

  8. Rachel Barr

    All the stand are all equally lovely! Great idea! Since i have to pick just one…i will say the Cupcake Fairy one. Very cute! Since my own kitchen is decorated with palm trees, I would like to see one like that!

  9. Maria

    I love the sprinkles on top! It would go great with the other cupcake items I bought for my daughter’s 9th birthday! I think the next new design should be a covered pedestal where the cover is a cupcake shape. The actual pedestal can have a pic of a cupcake on it. That would be adorable :)

  10. Maria

    I love the Cherry on Top Cupcake stand – sooo cute! For her next one, I’d love to see a pink top with little cupcakes all around the edges, in the colors of dark & light pink, with aqua accents.

    Thank you!

  11. Maureen

    I adore the Acorn and Ribbon Christmas Stand.

    The next should be perhaps a shamrock or an easter egg or one in the shape of a rose.

  12. lori t

    my favorite one is the KISS ME stand, SOOOO cute!!

  13. Jennifer Martin

    I love the cupcake fairy stand because around this house when the girls are at school cupcakes get made while they are away. They always ask…Mommy, when did you make the cupcakes? I always say, I didn’t, the cupcake fairy did! I think it’s important to have fun with this kind of stuff while they are still young to “believe”.

  14. Jennifer Martin

    Oooops! I think the next pedestal made should be a lopped ear bunny head just in time for easter or a Pinkalicious head about the girl who turned pink from eating waaay to many cupcakes! We love the cupcake fairy one!

  15. Courtney H

    I love the Strawberry on Top, and all the x-mas ones are super cute. Her next one should either be a pastel bunny (perfect for spring and/or Easter) or a daisy with various pastel color petals (daisies are my fave flower and you can NEVER have enough cute daisy stuff!!)

  16. BECKY C.

    I love all of them! They are adorable,but my favorite is Cupcake Fairy Stand. Thank you so much for this chance.
    For her next one I would love to see a Halloween theme stand. We make Halloween cupcakes every year and a stand for them would be great !

  17. Emma

    I love the small maroon one…and would love to see any one combining an aquamarine/teal plate with a subtle pinkish color base…my fave color combo :)

  18. Angela S

    Hello! My favorite pedestal was with the cupcake fairy on it! I think it would be fun to make a plate pedestal that had a cake as the plate that could also be personalized with the person’s name to make it extra special! This way it could be given to someone on their birthday or for another occasion worth celebrating and the extra touch would make the person realize it was made just for them! :0)

  19. Alison

    I love the Sprinkles on top! I’d love her to make a green and pink one to match my kitchen!

  20. Sara

    I love love love love love the sprinkles cupcake stand! It is one one of the cutest cupcake items Ive ever seen!!! I think for a future pedestal it would be awesome to take a vintage diner plate with maybe a black and white checkered base…that would look awesome!

  21. Alison

    I love the sprinkles one! I think there needs to be one large enough to hold a dozen cupcakes!

  22. AdronsCatherine

    Aren’t those darling!!! I’m in love with the “Cherry On Top” stand!

  23. AdronsCatherine

    Oops – I meant to say that I agree that an Easter one would be wonderful!

  24. Maria Love

    Cherry on Top Cupcake Stand is my favorite…the cupcake is adorable and since my name is Love I’m partial to anything that looks like a heart…like the cherry on top of this cupcake.

  25. Nicole

    I love the Cherry on top one! I would love to see a Halloween one (maybe orange or purple frosting and bats!) or a Christmas one with candy canes and holly leaves.

  26. Sam

    The “Kiss me” stand is so cute! I’d also love to see a birthday cupcake stand.

  27. Deanne

    My favorite stand is the “sprinkles on top”. An idea… maybe something with a fluted edge would be pretty.

  28. Paige

    I like the Cherry on Top pedestal. As far as what I’d like to see, I have a Snoopy obsession so I’d love to see a Peanuts pedestal!

  29. sara

    I like the fairy one, so adorable. They are all super cute!

  30. Angela Damanti

    Ooh my favorite is the Sprinkles Cupcake stand – it would look fabulous at my daughters 1st birthday party.
    I would love to see a birthday cupcake pedestal – that would be so cute!

  31. Heather S

    I adore the ‘Tea Party stand’ the most, so so pretty!
    I’d love to see a baby themed stand!

  32. Cupcake Forum

    My favorite is the “Pretty in Pink” stand!

  33. Beejay

    I love the cupcakes ones and the ones that are sort of plain looking so they can be used all year long! I would love to see an antique, lacey looking stand!

  34. Ashley B.

    I love the strawberry on top one! But they are all so cute. I’d like to see one with ‘Happy Birthday’ written on it, since i’m about to throw my little girl a cupcake themed birthday party! Hehe.

  35. lollicakes

    I love the cupcake fairy stand…love polka dots! Even though Christmas is over…maybe for next year a Cupcake for Santa Plate!!!

  36. Amena

    I really like the Dainty Maroon Ruffle stand! As for the next idea, I think it should be a plate that has “Cupcake liners” built in…could be used for cupcakes or mini tarts or other small treats!

  37. Candace R

    I love the cupcake fairy one! Maybe she could make a pretty princess one. :)

  38. Amber A

    I Love the cupcake fairy one! SO freakn’ cute!

  39. Jocelyn

    Oh my goodness these are all so pretty! I love Pretty in Pink, and also the Poinsettia pedestal. Very amazing. Lovely giveaway!

  40. Annette

    They are all adorable, but I have to admit I love the cupcake fairy stand, it’s so cute!!! Great giveaway :-)

  41. Alicia F

    I love the Cupcake fairy pedestal and I think you should make a colorful birthday cupcake one. Maybe have it say Happy Birthday on it somewhere! Cant wait to see if I win! :)

  42. Heather C.

    I LOVE the cupcake fairy pedestal and the sprinkles cupcake! They are all so adorable!!

    Having a cupcake pedestel with a happy birthday on it would be so neat! I’d definitely consider buying one since I am planning on my twins 1st cupcake themed birthday party this Spring!

  43. Crista T.

    I like the cherry on top one! Easter ones would be cute for future ones!

  44. Bonnie

    Pretty in Pink and Choc sprinkles are my favorites, as for idea, how about a rose shaped plate, or a chocolate strawberry….

  45. Susan McCarthy

    Pretty in Pink is my choice! But it was not easy to choose. I would like to see something for bridal or baby showers. I also like anything vintage.

  46. Ashley

    The Cherry on top cupcake was my favourite! And I think she should make a pumpkin stand for Halloween!

  47. Lindsay

    Dainty Maroon Ruffle is my favorite and I would love to see an ivory vintage looking stand.

  48. Sarah

    I really like the Tea Party stand! A stand with a paisley print or a solid yellow dish that is an interesting shape would be nice!

  49. Patty

    Awwww, I like Frosty the Snowman. (even tho I really don’t like snow) but he’s so cute. Next I think you should make a 4 leaf clover for St Patrick Day!!

  50. Julie L rose stand

    quite frankly,I think all the plates are delightful…:) I even hearted her shop.

    I would like to see one in a Mother’s Day theme

  51. Cheryl McCullough

    I love the cupcake fairy plate pedestal! I have looked for that design, on a teacup as featured on this site, for a while on ebay!

    WOULD LOVE TO SEE A POODLE CAKESTAND and would buy it in a heartbeat for my poodle fanitac Mother!! :)

  52. Kathryn

    The Sprinkles on Top stand is my favorite but they ALL are too cute! I think on with multi colored polka dots would be cute. Maybe one with primary colors and also one done in pastels.

  53. Chrissy

    Of course I love all the cupcake ones, but I think the Cupcake Fairy is my favorite! :)

  54. Haley

    My favorite is the strawberry on top!! so cute :)

  55. cupcake krystin

    the floral burst stand is my favorite, it stood out to me the most. i think the sides on the stand would be a great way to keep cupcakes from shifting when you move the stand around. perfect colors for summer, too! it would be great if once upon a pedestal could create personalized stands, allowing you to give the cupcakes and the stand as an amazing gift.

  56. Amanda R.

    I love the cherry on top and the sprinkles cupcake stand! Both are SO cute!

  57. Megan

    My favorite is the Sprinkle cupcake!

    I think for her next project she should either make a neat design that you can put the picture of your choice on or a plate for nurses. She should make it white with red trim, put a sethescope on it, a thermometer, some band-aids, a syringe, some red hearts, a nurse hat, a first-aid kit, and a stick figured nurse!

  58. Cera

    My favorite is the Cupcake Fairy. I think a cute one would be a souffle, maybe a chocolate or vanilla one with a green or red base.

  59. Kira Adams

    I’m really loving the Pretty in Pink and the Cupcake Fairy pedestal.

    A really whimsical plate with large multi-colored polka dots would be awesome for her next project.

  60. Lacy

    I loooove “Strawberry on top” …so cute!

    I think a donut, or cookie one would be a cute idea! Maybe?

  61. Jessica Lynn

    The cherry on top cupcake pedestal is just adorable! I would love to see one with a blue cupcake wrapper and pink icing, with a cherry on top. It would match my cupcake themed kitchen perfectly! :)

  62. RockerJewlz

    Cupcake Fairy Stand and the Pretty in Pink are my favorites.

  63. Liana

    I love the poinsettia stand! I am a big holiday fan so I think it would be wonderful if she made a Halloween one next!

  64. Camila Faria

    The Pleasant Platter is perfect, my favorite.

    They could make a lollipop pedestal, it would be great!

  65. Jenny

    I love the Cherry on top Cupcake Stand and the Sprinkles Cupcake Stand. I think she should make more cupcake stands! :)

  66. Melissa Booth

    ATC- I love the Cupcake Fairy Stand. I would love to see one for each holiday., especially st. pattys day.

  67. Mandie

    Ooooh, I love the pretty in pink stand! How adorable is that shop? Oh my gosh! And the Christmas themed stands are so cute! If I don’t win a stand, I’m for sure buying one. I MUST have one!

  68. Ashley

    I love the cherry on top cupcake stand!
    I think a great idea for another stand would be a poka dot one with all different colors!

  69. Kate

    I love the dainty maroon ruffle stand. I love that you show other uses for your stands besides just treats. I would like to see an Asian inspired stand!

  70. Sammi

    I think that the chocolate cupcake stand is by far the best! Its very Kawaii!!!
    I would love to see a Hello Kitty stand! or a bat one for halloween!!

  71. Beckster

    love the cupcake fairy. My sister-in-law and I just started making custom cupcakes. This would be a great gift.

  72. Beth

    I absolutely LOVE all the whimsical cupcake ones. The cherry, strawberry and sprinkles are so adorable! Keep up the good work!
    For the future I would like to see a lemon theme, to match my kitchen, an Audrey Hepburn- Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme and a Fiesta ware plate that reminds me of my grandmother.

  73. Amy Pittman

    I loved all of the stands but my favorite was the cupcake fairy stand. I LOVE to make cupcakes! I would like to see poka dots or swirls in bright colors

  74. Kimberly

    I love them all! It’s so hard to choose!

    Love all the cupcakes, the fairy, and anything pink!

    I’d also really like to see one in a strawberry theme!

  75. Taylor S

    My favorite is your “Precious Pink Stand” ~ Very chic! I think a great one to make next are ones shaped and colored like gerbera daisies! They are so fresh and cute, any color or size would be perfect.

    Great selection and such a nice giveaway!

  76. Jennifer

    I love them all, especially the “Kiss Me” stand. I think Easter related stands would be super cute since Easter is right around the corner! :)

  77. Once Upon A Pedestal

    Thank you all so much for your fantastic comments!! The feedback is great and I will be working on the pedestals you suggested, so check my site often. Next up will be St. Patty’s Day stands.

    Good luck in the drawing everybody! =)


  78. Liz

    I think the Cupcake Fairy stand is super, duper cute!! I, too, would love to see a Hello Kitty pedestal stand. They’re all oh-so-cute!

  79. jane

    I love the cupcake fairy stand.

  80. Toshua

    The cupcake fairy stand is absolutely perfect and adorable. I think a pedestal stand that had the WWII saying “Keep Calm and Eat a Cupcake” would be darling.

  81. Mary

    Love the kiss me plate.

    Bunnies and birds for Easter.

  82. Tracy

    The cupcake fairy pedestal is my fav. She is delicate and playful just like a fairy should be. I like it when fairies have a purpose and cupcakes are at the top of the purpose list. Most of the designs so far are girly so I propose that you think of a boy theme. Boys love cupcakes too. Green, blue, orange, red are good colors and toy trucks, baseball, horses could be themes. Just nothing decidedly girlie but may appeal to girls too.

  83. Carol

    Oh, it is so hard to pick a favorite, but I think mine would have to be the “Precious Pink.” Living in a family with all men, but me, I need to get a pink fix now and then!

    I think a carrot-cake (muffin, cupcake, cookie) themed stand would be darling to create next!

  84. Mary Flynn

    I have to go with the Sprinkles! Just too cute!!!! Also what kind next….I don’t think ideas are needed because I can’t possibly come up with anything better that what I saw!

  85. Lina

    I’m not usually a girly girl but for some reason the Precious Pink Stand really catches my eye. Delicate and lovely! I’d love to see more with cute cupcake- or baked goods-related sayings, but I’m not creative enough to come up with any of those on my own.

  86. Mystica

    What about themed stands for birthdays, anniversaries and such.

  87. Tammy

    My favorite is the snowmen plates, I’m so in love with all thing Christmas and Snowman.
    What a very creative way to use beautiful items. I think pinks or blues for baby’s would
    be a great idea, along with balloon theme.

  88. | All Things Cupcake

    […] click here to enter […]

  89. Renee

    They’re all so special, but I think my favorite is the Pretty In Pink because of its retro look. Perhaps the next design could have little “knobs” at the end for more retro look and added texture!

  90. Rachel

    I totally love the polka dot one!! I love cupcake and polka dots. SUPER CUTE!!

  91. Kim

    I love them all but the Cupcake Fairy is my fave! Keep up the good work!

  92. Tiffany

    I love the Kiss – Me Stand but I would love any of them! :)

  93. adrian

    I love the Precious Pink Stand. I would also love to see a petit four stand.

  94. Jen

    my favorites are the carnival cupcake and cupcake fairy. If I had to suggest another, it would maybe be a round stand painted like a giant chocolate chip cookie!!! yummmmm. (im srooling now because i havent had sweets in all of february…im saving up for vday!!!)

  95. Katie

    The carnival cupcake stand and pretty in pink are my favourites! Adorable stuff, I would keep doing similar designs.

  96. Nadia

    I love the Girls love chocolate pedestal, and I think that she should make a blue pedestal! I love all things blue. :)

  97. Jessica

    I absolutely LOVE the carnival cupcake stand as well as the cherry on top cupcake stand (which sadly sold a few days ago). They would look great in my cupcake themed kitchen (currently in progress!!)

  98. Ann S

    I liked the Roses stand the best. I think a sunflower would be fun for summer!

    Ann Seely

  99. Jennifer

    I love the Cupcake Fairy one. I think a cute bunny or chick would be cute for Easter since it is right around the corner.

  100. Tara

    i like the carnival cupcake one…bc i yellow is my favorite color. I think a big giant icecream cone stand would be pretty cool =D

  101. Sharman

    Girls love a little chocolate has to be the best pedestal stand.
    I think a polka dot stand would be great !

  102. Amelia

    I think the “Carnival cupcake” stand is the cutest! Ideas for the think a chocolate cupcake one would be really cute, with pink icing and sprinkles maybe? Or other dessert themed ice cream cones or ice cream sundaes, these desserts are just as delicious and adorable as cupcakes in my opinion :)

  103. Linsey

    Girls love a little chocolate is my favorite! I think a St. Patrick’s Day cupcake would be a cute idea. Also a cute watermelon stand would be great!

  104. Kyla

    These are so darling! I love the Cupcake Fairy stand and I think she should make a zoo or farm animal themed stand because my son would love it!

  105. Tina

    I am LOVING the Precious Pink Plate!!! I’ve never seen her etsy site before and it’s now a new fave!

  106. victoria cupcakes

    Ohhh man, I love your work. Each pedestal is just as wonderful as the other and choosing one I like the best was very difficult! I stared and stared, trying to pick, I almost couldn’t. Until I thought to myself, okay, which one would I want to have put out on an everyday occasion…? Well, since I am transforming my kitchen into a CUPCAKE THEME i obviously would like the one you are giving away the best! Though if I had to choose another I like and if I absolutely could not ever have a cupcake one I would go for the tea party stand. First of all, all of us cupcake lovers know that tea is MARVELOUS with cupcakes so that name stood out to me. It is a piece that could be used on an everyday basis and any sort of occasion. It is elegant, cute and simplistic.

    For my personal preference (to each their own personality and likings) I would consider what sorts of themes you have made thus far and what others would like as well. One thing I notice is there are no pieces just yet that would go well with what children and men like. As most of us know, the minds of men seem to stay as a child for some time (as does mine)! Considering my home is surrounded in comic books and figurines, I’d say, “how about starting some cartoon characters?!”

  107. Michelle

    I have to go with the Sprinkles! Just too cute!!!! Also what kind next….MORE CUPCAKES!

  108. Chelsea

    Each one is amazingly adorable in it’s own way. Though, I don’t see myself using it for a cupcake stand, as I live in a dorm. It would be perfect to hold my cup of coffee while I’m getting ready in the morning! I would love to see a Sunday Morning stand, you know, one that just justifies the easy, yet happy happenings of a week/weekend well lived up and deserved.

  109. Malorie

    I really like the girls love chocolate pedestal!! That is very true in my case :) I would love to see one with a cute little owl on it because owls are awesome! thank you!!

  110. Darshe

    i love them ALL they’re so cute<3 my top three is the scrumptious cupcake, surprise cupcake and carnival cupcake pedestals… But if i absolutely had to chose one i would definitely choose the Surprise cupcake. I think she should make different flavors next like i would LOVE to see a Red Velvet or Choco-lovers Pedestal. Good luck everyone!

  111. Jessica

    I love the Tea Party stand because it is simple and elegant, not to mention that sage is my favorite color. This item would be a wonderful addition to my daughters first birthday party in march, we’re doing a cupcake theme.

    I’m not sure how this would work but if possible I think it would be interesting to see a tiered set. Perhaps with a large plate on bottom and a short stand between them with a taller plate on top. I think this would be a great addition to someone that wants to serve more but still save the space. Also I would LOVE to see more cupcakes!

  112. Heather

    I absolutely love the cupcake fairy stand. It is too precious!! I would love to see more cupcake stands. Also, more holiday stands (easter, valentine’s day, halloween, etc.).

  113. Silvia Victory

    It was so hard to choose a favorite. But I absolutley love the Cupcake Fairy stand. Soooo cute! I would love to see you make some sets with large, medium, and small stand. They would be great for entertaining and parties. Marking as a favorite on Etsy.

  114. Kimberly

    I love the carnival Cupcake pedestal! I would also like to see more holiday themed cupcake stands. Candy bowls just don’t cut it for holiday cuppycakes.

  115. karin marie

    ooooh what an awesome giveaway!! I love the Surprise Cupcake stand! I love that is had a cherry, and my fave color combo red/pink/aqua. I think she should make a stud muffin one for mommy’s with boys and a cupcake or babycakes one for mommy’s with girls!

  116. Samantha

    What a cute shop! I like Strawberry-licious. I love fruit clothing jewelry and anything fruit! I think it would be super-ultra cute if she made on with a light blue background and a cherry in the m iddle and pink painted ruffles in the edges!

  117. lovey

    The Maroon Ruffle is just gorgeous, but I wouldn’t turn down any of them as they are all very pretty.

  118. K

    I love the Sundae Cupcake one- two of my favorite foods in one! I would love to see a stackable/tiered one for multiple snacks/cupcakes to go on.

  119. Lindsay

    I loved the strawberry pedestal!!! with cinco de mayo coming up (and living in south texas- that IS a holiday!) I’d suggest some bright colorful Latin American themes. or maybe a ‘day of the dead’ stand for when I make cupcakes with the little sugar skulls on top!

  120. Lorrie

    I love the Girls Love Chocolate Stand! I sure do love chocolate! :) My suggestion for a new stand would be shaped like a dachshund. You could put a couple of long rows of goodies on there! Thanks for having an awesome giveaway!

  121. Ashley :)

    I love the Sundae Cupcake Stand. It is so fun and girly! :D
    The base is weighty and I think that gives it an even more fun feel.
    I just want to make some ice cream cupcakes and show them off on it! <3

  122. Ashley :)

    Oh, I forgot to suggest a new stand! I think an Ice cream cone would be adorable! Maybe that is just because I am in the mood for a Sundae right now =P

  123. Judy

    I adore the Cupcake Fairy stand!! I think a great idea would be something tropical with palm trees… really beach-y.

  124. Celeste

    I loved the sundae one. I make a cupcake in my shop that looks just like that so it caught my attention. What a talent! I am always looking for tiered cupcake stands that canhold a couple dozen cupcakes for my shop, so that’s what I’d love to see, maybe in chocolate and yellow.

  125. Kara Lo.

    I love the sundae stand!! It would be great to see and easter one with lots of pastel colors! It would also be great to be multi-tiered to put different layers of goddies! :)

  126. Julie Maricle

    They are ALL so cute!! I love the precious pink stand. I would LOVE to see a pink & white Minnie Mouse cupcake stand. (My neice’s 3rd birthday is coming up & that’s her theme…I’ll be doing her cake & cupcakes!) Love your site as well!!

  127. Kayla

    Wow! I LOVE your stands! My favorite is the Pretty in Pink stand because I love the shape and the colors. It would be neat to see you make a chocolate brown stand with different sized polka dots in various colors. Rock on! =]

  128. jennifer

    The pretty in pink is nice. Of course Holiday themed and occasion themed would be ones I would love and use regularly. Baby shower, rubber ducks, Birthday,and holiday. Especially spider web or spooky Halloween would be great. These are all occasions I would be likely to serve cupcakes :)

  129. Dee

    I love the cupcake fairy stand! So much I couldn’t resist – I bought one!
    I think her next stand should be a plate featuring a peeled off cupcake paper with crumbs sprinkled around.

  130. Patricia B

    ATC- my fav is the Cupcake Fairy Stand. I would love to see one st. pattys day.

  131. LLee

    Love the sundae cupcake stand. I would love to see a stand for a wedding or bride.

  132. Roxie Curtis

    I love the Kiss Me cupcake pedestal! That’s what cupcakes make me want to do and hey, it’s Valentines Day. I would love to see a Sun pedestal!

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