Cupcake Bath Bombs by Bliss Soaps

By on February 7th, 2010 . Filed under: Bed, Bath, Body .

We’ve covered cupcake bath bombs before, but since bath fizzies are SO GREAT (and rather seasonally appropriate), I think it’s high time we wrote about them again.

My neighborhood bath goodies store, Bliss Soaps, carries chocolate, vanilla and strawberry cupcake bath fizzies with bubble bath frosting (cupcake fizzie lovers who live outside Seattle, never fear – follow the link to order online). I really like Bliss because all their products are hand-made from all-natural, high quality ingredients. Maybe not good quite enough to eat, but certainly much better for you and your skin than the run of the mill mass-produced bath product.  Also, how can you feel bad supporting a small business in times like these?

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  1. cuppy

    I’ve gone to Bliss numerous times & I absolutely LOVE them !!!! So many wonderful (not to mention SUPER CUTE) products !!

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