10 Second Cupcake Decorator

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Picture this you have 10 seconds to live … what do you want the most in the world? Well if you answered a CUPCAKE than I have the fastest way to decorate a cupcake!  I found these tips in  the  February issue of Woman’s Day!

  • New Pillsbury Easy Frost … it looks like sqiurty cream but its even better its frosting!
  • Dip edge of frosted cupcakes in sprinkles
  • Garnish frosted cupcakes with chopped nuts
  • Stand up mini-cookies in frosting for a fun topping
  • Use oversize sprinkles in shapes like hearts, stars and circles
  • Pipe polka dots onto vanilla frosted cupcakes using a tinted icing

Red Velvet Cupcakes

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4 Responses to 10 Second Cupcake Decorator

  1. hungry runner

    I made those Red Velvet Cupcakes last Valentine’s Day and everyone loved them! In half the batch I put the Hershey’s Kisses and the rest were done without so it was a surprise if you got one!

  2. cupcake krystin

    love the candy in the bottom!! and i can’t wait to try that new frosting. where can i find oversized sprinkles?

  3. HeatherLynn

    Wilton has a great variety of sprinkles …


  4. cupcake krystin

    thank you! :)

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