Lady Gaga Cupcakes

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kimberlyloc recently posted on her blog the Lady Gaga Cupcakes she made.

Here is a full array of all of the cupcakes she made.

This is my favorite one …

If you check out her post you can see all of the cupcakes she made compared to the photograph of Lady Gaga  that inspired that cupcake. You can also see all of the drawings she did before hand for the cupcakes!

I think she did a great job. Very very very creative!

If you were to fashion cupcakes after your favorite singer or famous person who would you choose?

I would choose McSteamy, Eric Dane who plays Mark Sloan on Grey’s Anatomy! :)

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12 Responses to Lady Gaga Cupcakes

  1. kimberlyloc

    Thanks for the love! This was so fun to do…and it cost all of $20 and a few hours of time…all while listening to Lady Gaga songs, of course! :)


  2. gaga lady

    that is a very unique ideal.

    now everyone can eat lady gaga

  3. Taste & Smile

    Wow, those Lady Gaga Cupcakes look great, good work Kim!
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  4. Cupcake Activist

    I love these Lady Gaga cupcakes! Great idea!

  5. Tyler Ramey

    OMG, I adore the GaGa, and these cupcakes. This rocks.

  6. Weiss - Devin

    I browse through gossips almost everywhere, that very little in Drag queen Gaga is unique and that she is a copycat :-( I however love Lady Gaga coZ she roCks!!

  7. Harris Casterline

    I think years 2010 would be a good one for this beautiful star

  8. Merrill Dornseif

    Kim is the BEST!… this blog rocks too ;)

  9. free makeup

    my spouse and i really don’t like Lady Gaga

  10. Lynn Liscio

    Gaga is the best popartist ever! (and Trey Songz too)

  11. south beach condo

    Lady Gaga is completely over the top. She is a great singer. I love her songs.

  12. Fumiko Letters

    Exclusive News!Lady Gaga was injured in a car accident .watch the video : starscandal dot net

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