More Christmas Cupcakes

By on January 15th, 2010 . Filed under: Holidays, Photos .

ATC Reader Colleen sent us these photos and email…

Here are some photos of my Christmas Cupcakes.  3 Flavors—Gingerbread, Lemon and chocolate.
I love your site and would love to see some ideas for Valentines cupcakes…..


Awe! They are so cute! Thanks for sharing them with us! As for Valentine Cupcake ideas here are a few…

I am sure we will be posting even more Valentine Cupcakes soon!

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1 Response to More Christmas Cupcakes

  1. Danae

    I love this site! I love cupcakes.

    Now, I’ve baked cupcakes before but…now I’m doing 100 cupcakes for a cupcake wedding cake. Do you have any tips? It’s a Saturday evening wedding and I’m trying to figure out how to frost the cupcakes and keep them fresh. Do I freeze them, take them out the day before and frost them?! I can’t find all that much information on it, to be honest.

    I’m off to go check out and see if you’ve maybe already answered my question and enjoy the cupcake goodness!

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