Small Town Bakery Sells One Million Cupcakes

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Deanna and Phil Watkins started a small bakery in their hometown, St. Charles four years ago. It started as very small establishment, but slowly the craze started to rise and has now reached a height that even the Watkins can’t believe.

The craze for their cupcakes has made them reach a milestone that most bakeries in the world would envy.
The Sweet Dream Desserts bakery has now officially sold one million cupcakes. Their cupcakes are so popular that they have now opened a branch at Route 64 in a town called Wasco which is near St. Charles.

Even Deanna Watkins can’t believe her own success. She says, “People have gone crazy for our cupcakes. I knew cupcakes were trendy but I had no idea.” They sell many varieties of cupcakes including vanilla, chocolate, red velvet and chocolate ganache among others. All cupcakes are baked by Watkins herself from scratch.

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  1. stayhomecupcake

    So pretty! That’s a lot of cupcakes! What state was this?

  2. Shannon

    LOVE THEM!!! I want to know how to make those!!! Or the frosting at least?

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