Cupcake Vineyard

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A friend of mine said that she saw a brand of wine called Cupcake the other day. At the time I didn’t think much of it. Well later that day I was going through a bunch of my magazines and saw an advertisement for it. So i figured it was calling me to check it out … I went to their website Cupcake Vineyard. They have a great selection of wine and a blog where you can post your wine and cupcake pairings! I think the next time I am out and about I will have to take a look for this!


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7 Responses to Cupcake Vineyard

  1. stayhomecupcake

    I saw this too at a local liquor store and asked a worker about it. He said that unfortunately it doesn’t taste like a cupcake and that it is not even a sweet wine. I was so bummed! Maybe I should try it just for the name though!

  2. HeatherLynn

    yeah i am going to try it just for the name

  3. Katie

    i’ve tried the wine, yes because it said “cupcake” on it. i thought it was very good.

  4. Cathy Rosenberg

    I’ve taken it to several houses as a hostess gift and everyone loved it. There’s a tasting in my town this week and you can buy it at Publix. I love it for the name but wine drinkers say it’s actually good and quite affordable! Chardonnay is $8.99-$10.99 a bottle in the grocery store!

  5. Nichole

    The vineyard is in Monterey, CA and it is on my to do list of vineyards to visit (my husband and I LOVE wine tasting). I’ll let you all know how it is!

  6. dj

    we paid $34 a bottle for this at a chicago restaurant. It was very good. Later that week we found it at dominics for under $10!!!

  7. Pat

    Does your cupcake chardonnary have a buttery flavor?

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