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For our last giveaway of 2009, I wanted to make it a really special one.  I met this wonderful Etsy artisan a few months back and now sassybellewares is one of my favorites.  I believe she truly gets us cupcake crazy people here on ATC.  Check out this cute jewelry from her shop.


I own one of Sassybellewares pendants and love that not only can you wear it as a necklace, but you can take it off the chain and use it as a pin.  So clever!    This week sassybellewares is giving away one of her “I Speak Cupcake” items.   The winner will get to pick one of the items below and choose if they want it as a bracelet or necklace/pin. 


To enter this giveaway, go to Sassy’s two Etsy shops and come back to tell us what other item(s) was your favorite in the comment area below. 



 Contest ends Sunday December 27th so enter today!

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46 Responses to We Speak Cupcake!

  1. Jennifer

    I like the Cats Rule Pushpins…so cute!

  2. Lindsey

    I love the lily and daisy rings! So pretty. The cocktail sassies are super cute as well. :o)

  3. Terri

    I love the sparkle and sass ring, the fireworks necklace, yellow rise ring.. she has lots of pretties! :)

  4. Christine

    ooooh, I love the Fireworks necklace!

  5. Manette Gutterman

    I love the snow day necklace and shaken not stirred covered buttons! Great work!

  6. lovey

    I especially liked her ice cream sundae ring.

  7. Nicole

    I love the birdcage ring! And the vodka cranberry ring and the coffee/donut ring sets and the “have your cake and never gain weight” rings. It’s all too cute to choose one thing. Oh, and the glee club pushpins from the second shop!

  8. Meghana

    I love the birdcage ring. Black and purple is one of my favorite color combos. Being the ex-band geek, choir girl that I am, I love the glee pushpins. Also the shoe pushpins.

  9. Jessica Lynn

    wow, the fireworks necklace immediately caught my eye! i may have to order that anyway! and i definitely speak cupcake :)

  10. Camila Faria

    My favorite is the Cupcake Speak Necklace and Pin! So clever! Love it.

  11. Savanha Gravening

    I love the lifesavers ring and the winter wonderland necklace!

  12. stacy

    i love the i speak cupcake necklace! It’s the bomb!!!
    I would love to wear that!

  13. Christy "Cupcake" G.

    I simply adore the “Have Your Cake and Never Gain Weight Ring”. I really like miniatures of cakes and cupcakes, and the details on this ring are stunning! From the chocolate icing to the perfect pink rosettes in the center, this is one cake I would love to drool on! :)

  14. shannon

    i love the midnight ring and all the buttons with the sock monkeys!

  15. Plastique Recreations

    I absolutely luvvvvvv the Sparkle and Sass Ring, and the Birdcage Ring and the Midnight Ring…… how can you just have one luv in your shop!!! Not possible. Good luck with your giveaway …..

  16. Sarah

    Oh my the I Speak Shoe Necklace would be perct for a friend of mine and I love the Daisy Bug Buttons.

  17. Cindy A.

    Aw, very cute! I love the necklace! :)

    My favorite from sassybellewares is the Gimbel Brothers Department Store Necklace. http://www.allthingscupcake.com/2009/12/21/we-speak-cupcake/

    My favorite from sassybellebuttons are the Glee Club Pushpins – Set of 6. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=32840840

  18. Deb D

    Ooooh, so pretty! I love the Hot Cocoa Ring (can see my SIL wearing that!) and the 100 pk Cupcake with Candle Embellishments (they would be great for birthday parties).

  19. Heidi Kratzke

    My favorite item is the Hot Cocoa Ring– wow! It is so stunning. I also like the Sock Monkey at the Beach – 1 1/2 inch Fabric Covered Buttons. Cute!

  20. Aik

    From sassybellewares, I like The Birdcage Ring and the Snowflake Necklace.

  21. Aik

    From SassyBelleButtons, I like the Spring Garden Ring.

  22. Anna

    Wow! Sticking with the holiday spirit I’d have to say the ‘Snow Day’ necklace is my favourite, but that midnight ring is also so gorgeous!

  23. Angela S

    not only do i speak cupcake, but i live cupcake too!!

    i really like the raise awareness for those we love necklace, the vanilla cupcake magnet,the birdcage ring, and the cats rule pushpins! all very cute and creative! i enjoyed looking at your two stores! have a happy holiday!!

  24. Katherine

    I absolutely love the Fireworks Necklace!! http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=33778880

  25. Karry

    I love the Firewotks Necklace…so beautiful and colorful

  26. adrian

    everything desserty, of course–but I love the Snowy Day necklace

  27. jcloh

    Love the fireworks necklace, it’s so pretty.

  28. Elizabeth W

    Ahh! I love the Dessert Plate Pendant Pin!

    I love cupcakes, and hope to open my own cupcake business one day! I really DO speak cupcake!!


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  30. Meaghan Newton

    I love the bartender monkey necklace!!


  31. Summer

    these would have to be my favorite because they are adorable and there are so many options of things to do with them!

  32. Amanda D.

    I just love the Daisy Ring. So pretty!

    macd82 at gmail dot com

  33. Lindsey

    I thought the Vodka Cranberry Cocktail Ring was too cute and the Cupcake with Candle Embellishments were adorable as well! Clever things ya got there!

  34. Michelle

    I love the triple the sparkle necklace. I also love the daisy ring.

  35. Katie

    I love the birdcage ring :)

  36. Little Miss Cupcake

    Oooo, fun contest! The I Speak Cupcakes items are indeed my fave cause it’s my 2nd language! :) I adore the skull and crossbones bookmark in red – I am never without a book and usually use a scrap of paper to keep my place. The Shaken not Stirred buttons are adorable too. We are big Bond fans in this house! Happy Holidays!

  37. Dawn

    I love the lots of dots pushpins, they would really liven up my office!!

  38. Marianna

    I love the Raise Awareness and Sparkle necklace from sassybellewares and the Lots of Dots pushpins from sassybellebuttons

  39. susan

    i like the ‘cupcake wtih candle embellishments
    and the dessert plate pendant…very pretty

  40. Candace R

    I LOVE the bird cage ring sooo much! it’s gorgeous! :)

  41. Steph

    Thanks everyone for your nice comments about my items:)
    Steph @ SassyBelleWares

  42. Laura

    I love the sutton ring in red! Beautiful items, it was hard to pick.

  43. Jennifer M

    Oh I like the Peg Leg Pirate Necklace! Nice humor in that one.

  44. emmi

    It’s all so cute!!
    My favorite is the Ice Cream Sundae Ring

  45. Dany

    i looooove the rose zipper broch!

    the ice cream sundae ring is super cute too!

    everything is so nice, great job!

  46. Shawna

    The “who ate my cake ring” is absolutly awesome.

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