Day 5 & 6 of Christmas Cupcakes!

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I have missed a day so i will be jam packing 2 posts into one today.

Holiday baking anyone? I know a lot of people who are starting their baking as we speak! And just as stayathomecupcake said the east coast is getting hit with a storm and what a betterĀ  time to start all that baking! Here are a few good recipes & decorating ideas to try.

First off we have a lovely cupcake to make with your children. The Claus Cupcake from Disney’s Family Fun website.


Here is another fun filled cupcake idea. This one is very simple but very appealing. I found this Candy Cane Cupcake idea on the Wilton website.


A few add ins you could do for this cupcake could be to add a little bit of mint extract into the frosting or to break up candy canes and add them to the frosting as well.

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