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This week I am introducing you to fellow Etsy crocheter hopeNdew.  She specializes in the sweetest little crocheted cupcake plushies.  I have been crocheting for more years than I care to admit and can tell you that she is a skilled crafter!   Here’s Miss Peachy, who happily resides in my home:

miss peachy cupcake
 Now here’s the best part; you too can own one of her cupcake plushies! To celebrate this season of giving,  HopeNdew is giving away one snowbunny cupcake  to one reader.  (This is an update from an earlier post) 
Here’s what you need to do enter our giveaway:  first go to hopeNdew’s Etsy shop and come back to ATC.   Then, click on the comment area below and tell us which plushie was your fav and also tell us what kind of plushie you think she should crochet next.   Maybe a Christmas themed cupcake or another fruit inspired friend?  Give us your opinion!  Contest ends December 20th.  Thanks hopeNdew for sponsoring this giveaway!  

snowbunny cupcake

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44 Responses to Cupcake Plushie Giveaway

  1. Amanda

    I really like the peach one…..I think my second would be the blueberry one! And I would def. do a christmas one….like a holley one, or a mistletoe…would be really cute!!!!

  2. Erica

    Miss Marmalade, combines 2 of my favorite things, kitties and cupcakes! I think a vanilla cupcake with white frosting and a cherry on top would be super cute!

  3. Koko

    I like the snowbunny cupcake. I a strawberry cupcake would be cute.

  4. Jon Arntson

    I think the snowbunny is the cutest, but I definitely like miss peachy the most. I like all the previous suggestions, but I think any list or group having to do with cupcakes would be forever incomplete without a red velvet proxy. Of course, red velvet is popular during the holidays, so you could hit two birds with one stone, too. Happy designing and decorating.

  5. Candace R

    I like the chocolate pumpkin cupcake. The lil’ pumpkin on top is so cute! I think a peppermint cupcake would be cute. Like have a red and white striped top like a peppermint. so cute! :)

  6. Sara

    miss apple top is my favorite but they are all precious. Perhaps a rainbow cupcake, or one with sprinkles? Or a keylime pie one? Thanks for the contest!

  7. Christine aka The Stampin' Ninja

    My favorite would be Mr. Minty because I love the shade of green she used to create him! I would like to see cupcake with a cherry on top – you know, kind of traditional… Pink on the bottom, white frosting on top and a red (sparkly maybe) cherry? Too cute! Thank you for the chance to win!

  8. Micki

    Mister Minty was my fave plushie! :)
    I think the next plushie should be Miss Peaceful (with peace sign symbol).

  9. Cara

    Little Twin Stars was my fav. Too cute!!

    I think the next plushie should be a something cherry themes. Maybe Miss Cherry Pie Cupcake or something like that.

  10. Anna

    My favorite was the little twin plushies! So cute! A little kitty would be cute for another one to make =)

  11. Tiffaneyc

    I liked the blueberry one, but I think the snowbunny is the cutest. I think a watermelon one would be cute <3

  12. Nicole

    These are too cute! My favorite is chocokin. Or miss marmalade. I can’t decide. I love the mistletoe idea someone mentioned or a funfetti cupcake with all the different colored sprinkles on top. Thanks for this giveaway!

  13. lindsey

    I gotta say that snowbunny one is very cute!! I would love to see a snowman or snowflake inspired one too!!

  14. Meghana

    I love Miss Peachy, but Miss Marmalade takes the (cup)cake. I’d love a collaboration of the two because the coloring on Miss Peachy is lovely and I like the kitty design of Miss Marmalade. Also another blueberry cupcake only with bear ears instead of one single blueberry would be really cute.

  15. delaney3

    i love the chocokin one! i think a good one would be a santa one, with a little hat on top
    or maybe a pear, since it’s considered a “winter fruit”

  16. Emily

    The Miss Marmalade cupcake is so sweet, another one could be a princess cupcake with a crown. All of them are awesome

  17. Christie

    My favorite is miss. appletop because i am going to become a teacher one day. I think it would look adorable on my desk and the little kids would really enjoy it. An idea for another cupcake plush could be a little baker one. It could have a tiny baker’s hat on the top of the cupcake and i bet any baker could resist on purchasing one :) i enjoyed all of the cupcakes.

  18. Christie

    i apologize for my typo. i meant to say i bet any baker could not resist on purchasing at least one of the little baker cupcakes.

  19. Chelsea

    Mr. Minty is by far my favorite. Such a little cutie. I would love to see an acorn cupcake.

  20. Jessica

    My favorite is the bunny, i love the ears. I like to see on with a santa hat.

  21. Jennifer

    I like Mr. Minty! :)

  22. Camila Faria

    I love the snowbunny cupcake! Very sweet. She could try a strawberry one, it would be lovely!

  23. Candace

    I love the peach one and the snow bunny.

    Maybe make on with beads as sprinkles?

  24. Jessica Lynn

    the little twin stars cupcakes are just adorable!! i’d like to own a set :) i’d love to see a cupcake with a red cherry on top, that would be delightful!

  25. Pola of

    thank you, all of you, for the wonderful ideas! stay tuned to to see what the next creation will be! I am definitely considering all of the suggestions! and thanks to all for the kind words! good luck to everyone who is entering to win!
    ~~pola <3

  26. Michelle

    I love the snowbunny and peach ones! They are too cute.

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    […] that Sunday is the last day to enter the giveaway sponsored by Etsy seller hopeNdew. Please click here to enter to win the Snowbunny Cupcake. Share and […]

  28. Lindsey

    I like the one with the pumpkin on it’s head! I think it would be cute to have one with a cherry on top, or maybe add some antlers for Christmas!

  29. Erica B.

    My fav. is deffinetly the snow bunny cupcake, Its just to adorable not to be at my house. Enough said…

    I would like to see a crochet cupcake inspired by valentines day or one that incorporates a deer? I can see it now! So cute!

  30. Donna R

    My favorite is the snowbunny. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen. How about a peanut cupcake?

  31. Emma

    I think a lychee one would be super adorable. Although anything with large ears/antlers could be super cute too-hence my love for the snow bunny! :)

  32. Heather H.

    I like cocoa! It’s so cute! My favorite cupcakes are chocolate so I have to go with cocoa. I would like to see a penguin one. It would be super cute.

  33. Gayle

    I love the blueberry and the cocoa one. I love the fruit theme. How about a grape one. The purple would be so cute!

  34. Marg

    I really heart the snowbunny cupcake one! It’d be adorbs if there was a pomegranate one or a rudolph one! c:

  35. Angela

    I really like the miss apple top plushie! I love all the ideas that hopeNdew has already designed, but if I had to come up with another idea it would be a lemon drop plushie! I think it would be adorable to have a white and yellow cupcake with a small lemon on top! Thanks for the chance to win!

  36. Clara

    I love the snowbunny! How about giving Halloween some love with a vampire cupcake :)

  37. Sarita F.

    It’s a three-way tie for me between Mr.Minty, the twin stars, and snow bunny. All very lovely creations. I’d like to see something tropical like a pineapple cupcake or a coconut cupcake with furry white yarn.

  38. Samantha

    the snowbunny cupcake is too adorable, maybe an elf cupcake or a reindeer, or even a snow man cupcake would be really cool.

  39. Darcy

    I love the miss marmalade cupcake kitty one!!! So cute. Maybe a little shark cake? I think a mermaid themed one could turn out pretty adorable too. Another idea could be a little milkshake one with a straw!

  40. Hannah

    I love the snowbunny cupcake, how could anyone not love this critter? Perhaps a father time for the new year????

  41. shanshea

    snowbunny is totally adorable.
    i think a fox or a raccoon would be cute!

  42. Christy "Cupcake" G.

    I love the Miss Marmalade cupcake, the colors are so warm and inviting. Her smile is adorable too! I think a Rainbow frosted cupcake would be cute, perhaps with a little cherry on top.

  43. Laura M.

    The snow bunny one is by FAR my favorite! so cute!! a reindeer one would be cute. little antlers! aww!

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