Cupcake Switch Plate Giveaway

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This week we are hosting a giveaway for Etsy seller rathina.  She is a very talented crafter who makes custom switch plates and outlet covers.  Check out this adorable cover she made for me:

Cupcake Switch Plate - Blue - Single
I love my cover and it is a perfect addition to my craft room.   It was very easy to switch out my old boring white one for this well-made cupcake craft.   It comes in two more sweet colors too.
Cupcake Switch Plate - Blue - Single
Now is your chance to win your own cupcake cover in pink, blue or green!  Just go to rathina’s shop and look at the 100+ covers she has listed and then come back to ATC.  Click on the comment area below and tell us what cover (other than the cupcake ones) you liked best and where you would use it.   One winner will be chosen on Monday, December 7th.  Thanks rathina for sponsoring this giveaway!  
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40 Responses to Cupcake Switch Plate Giveaway

  1. amanda

    I love the three cats double switch plate it is adorable. Thank you for the chance to win these sweet switch plate covers.

  2. Ashley B.

    I love the sock monkeys! It would definitely go in my nephew’s room. Yes, I’m that aunt that has a room just for her nephew.

  3. Amanda

    I honestly loved them all! I did like the coffee swirl one best besides the cupcakes! I would place the coffee swirl in my bedroom, because it matches my new room that im redecorating it would just complete it!

  4. Liana

    I would pick the Halloween and Snowman ones for the Holidays and the paisley print for my friend in NC because she loves those bags…:)

  5. Sara

    I like the owls and the 3 kitties, definitly for my bedroom

  6. Anita

    The zebra print is cute! But of course the cupcake ones are my favorite :)!

  7. Lindsey

    I would love the Black and Silver Skull one for my 4 -yr olds room, he loved pirates and has a pitare themed room but no cool switch cover like this!!

  8. Jessica

    I love the owl one.

  9. Melissa

    the penguin one is adorable, i was looking to see if i could find some lighthouses for my mom but found a great Christmas present for a friend instead, switch plate set, Zebra print! these are great thanks for sharing

  10. Jessica Lynn

    The dandy damask is SO me! It would go perfectly in my black and white damask themed dining room..I may end up ordering it! And the cupcake one, of course, would match my cupcake kitchen :)

  11. Lizabeth A.

    I LOVE the outer space double switch plate, it’s pretty awesome~!! and of course the cupcake one would look gorgeous in my new house, which features a cupcake-themed kitchen~!

  12. Candace R

    I LOVE her damask switch plates! My youngest daughter’s room is damask and pink so it would be perfect! I would love the cupcake one to be put in the kitchen. It’s so cute!!

  13. Lina

    The sock monkey one is my favorite. I’ve seen that fabric in a store near here and almost bought it. If only I could think of a project to use it for.

  14. Danielle P

    The sock monkey one is my favorite. It would be adorable in any kids room.

  15. Paul M.

    I love the Ghost switchplate.
    Since I have always wanted to see a Ghost,
    this is most appropriate when the lights go out
    and I still have a glare of light in my eyes.
    Who knows, maybe I am seeing Ghosts!

  16. Paul M.

    …I’d put my Ghosts plate in the vacant Grandma’s bedroom. Whoooaaah!

  17. Anna Kathryn

    I love the pink cupcakes!!!! A close friend of mine is absolutely in love with cupcakes (I’m going to send this webpage to her ASAP!) I would definitely put this in her room for a birthday present! (Her birthday is this weekend!)

  18. Marissa Lynn

    They are all soo cute..i love the polka dot ones!

  19. Marissa Lynn

    I love the polka dot one the best because it would look great in my bathroom with my polka dot shower curtain!

  20. Shelbi G

    I LOVE all her damask plates as well as the pinup ones!

  21. mambus

    I love the tiny damask prints!!!

  22. Anna Peters

    All of them are so pretty! The cupcakes are my absolute favorite (of course~), but the sock monkey switch plates are so cute!! I’m not sure where I would put them but I’d find somewhere! =)

  23. julie

    I would but the snowman one in my living room and the sunflower one n my bathroon matches the border I have in there. sad that there was not a wine one I would put not one but 2 in my kitchen

  24. Sally

    I like the outer space ones!

  25. dymphna

    the cupcake one really is my favorite. But since you said i had to pick another I will go with the blue butterfly one which is also great

  26. Alison

    LOVED the butterfly one and I would probably use it in my niece’s room as she loves butterlies and is begging me to make butterfly cupcakes for her 5th birthday!

  27. Jennifer

    I love the sock monkey! I would give it to my dear friend Alison because she adores sock monkeys!

  28. Tiffaneyc

    I love the sock monkey one <3

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  30. molly

    I would love to use the bleeding heart and skull one in our new bedroom. My husband and I got married on Halloween and I have a deep love for all things skulls. This would go perfectly with the colors I plan on using in the room and would just make me smile everytime I switch on the light. I love her work!

  31. adrian

    They are all so cheerful–I love Switch Plate – Blue with Brown Polka Dots – Single

  32. Emily

    I really like the limes and the sock monkeys, i would put them all in my room

  33. Mercedes

    The polka dots. Would go great in my kitchen:)

  34. Terrie

    I really LOVE the pink cupcake one!!! I’m pregnant and we are doing the nursery in a cupcake theme, but I also loved the princess one. It would fit the theme too!!!

  35. Camila Faria

    I’m in love with the Sock Monkey Switch Plate!!! It’s perfect for my bedroom!

  36. Linda

    Definitely love the princess ones!

  37. mikelle sheggrud

    of course the cupcake plates are the best!

  38. Micki

    I also like the cover girl switch plate! SASSY :)

  39. Halee

    I have my daughters nursery themed in that cupcake pink print.

  40. Tiffany

    I loved the angry owl switch plate!! I would put it in the hallway…Hallways tend to be plain and boring and something that fun would definitely brighten it up and stand out!!

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