Turkey Cupcakes

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chocolate turkey cupcakes

These yummy turkey cupcakes are submitted by Lisa Griswold.

I made these cupcakes for Thanksgiving.  The turkeys are “drawn” with chocolate on wax paper and then flipped over to reveal a cute and edible cupcake topper!

Happy Holidays!

Fantastic!  Here is another examples of chocolate art.  More here at Instructables on how to make your own chocolate painting.

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2 Responses to Turkey Cupcakes

  1. Lisa

    Drawing chocolate designs for your cupcakes are easy! Find a design you like or a piece of clip art that is easy to trace. Place a piece of parchment or wax paper over your design and trace the outline with a fine tip marker. Flip the paper over so you’re not putting chocolate on ink. Melt chocolate wafers in the color(s) you want. I find that dark chocolate works best for the outline and then you can fill in with other colors. You can use a piping bag or even a ziploc baggie for the chocolate. Make sure you have a tiny, extra fine tip for the bag that you’ll be doing the outline with. The other bags can have bigger holes since they’ll be filling with color and precision isn’t as key. Simply draw with the chocolate on your parchment or wax paper, following the design you traced. Once the outline is set, fill in with the colors – almost like those old stained glass kits when we were kids! The melted chocolate should fill in the holes and you can play with overlapping colors too. It’s a lot of fun and a really cool treat to impress people with. Enjoy!

  2. Jalebi

    Excellent and easy recipe. I marinated mine overnight and cooked it in a slow cooker to further tenderise the beef. Mouth watering results.” (When I wrote asking for more details, he explained that he cooked the beef on low for about 5 hours, using a large Breville Slow Cooker)

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