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This week I’d like to introduce you to Etsy crafter littleanu.  Her shop is full of whimsical cupcake items and I am so happy to own a few of them.  Check out some of my favorites:

LARGE Custom Cupcake Pillow

These little cupcake pillows are part of a series thatlittleanu calls “The Sweet Tooth Family”.  Buyers can pick a flavor/color scheme, and she’ll cook up something special for you.  I have  a pretty pink one and it is as soft as it is cute!  The cupcakes are hand-painted on fabric  and the backing is made using recycled (& washed) T-shirts.   Here are some other beauties from her shop: 

Puffy Cupcake Rings. Yummy Fresh Out Of The Oven Style.Cherry Pillow - Cushion Novelty Home Decor Ruby Red Accent Throw Pillow

Now you, our loyal ATC readers, have a chance to win your own cupcake pillow from littleanu.  She will let you pick ANY flavor cupcake you would like.  What a treat!  To enter this contest, please visit littleanu‘s shop and then come back to ATC.  Click on the comment area below and tell us what cupcake pillow color scheme you liked best or what flavor you think would be a great addition to her shop.   One winner will be chosen on Monday, November 23rd.   Thanks littleanu for giving away a wonderful pillow! 

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44 Responses to Cupcake Pillow Giveaway

  1. Tiffany

    Ok, I love the fact that these pillows are made from recycled t-shirts.. I have about a million old t-shirts I do not wear anymore, and it’s awesome to see someone putting them to good use… I think a good idea for her to add to her store would be some other jewelry to go with the puffy rings. I think some puffy earrings, or a puffy necklace would be so cute!

  2. Nicole Underwood

    Strawberry Cream Cheese Cupcake Pillow, the sprinkles won me over! adorable!!

  3. Tiffaney

    I love the strawberry creamcheese cupcake pillow <3 It is so cute!

  4. Emma

    so cute! i simply must win :)
    i think a red velvet cupcake would be adorable…hmmm now i want to go bake some :)

  5. Lauren

    The Strawberry Cream Cheese totally made me smile! Who could look at something so yummy and NOT feel happy? I think it would be neat to have a vanilla cupcake with more of a chocolate theme…..maybe topped with a Hershey kiss? While I adore the brighter colors (you should see my cupcake themed-kitchen!), chocolate cupcakes just can’t be beat! ALL of them are just precious :)

  6. kayLad

    I love the orange frosted cupcake with the redish wrapper!

  7. Nina

    The Strawberry Cream Cheese cupcake pillow won my heart!

  8. Ms. Erica

    Hellooooo Strawberry Cream Chesse Cupcake! Pink, sprinkles, and vanilla, immposible to go wrong! The black makes the colors pop even more!Its a have to havE!!

  9. Kiley Smith

    I love the LARGE Custom Cupcake Pillow. These are ADORABLE!

  10. Liz

    I love them all! The flavor I’d love to see is a Chocolate Nutella (hazelnut) filled cupcake, with silver balls on top!

  11. Sarah

    I love the cotton candy theme. Definitely do a mint chocolate chip one!

  12. Danielle P

    I love the strawberry one. The sprinkles are so cute!!!

  13. Ashley

    I loved the tiny one with pink frosting and little white sprinkles! It also would be super cute with light purple frosting!

  14. becky hicks

    Gotta go with orange creamsicle!

  15. RockerJewlz

    I’d like to see pink & chocolate as a cupcake combination.

  16. Melissa

    I like the ‘REGULAR Custom Cupcake Pillow’ option the best… I could ask for a delicious SMORES flavored cupcake or a double chocolate brownie with cherries. Yummy!!

  17. Amber A

    I would love love love a vanilla with pink buttercream and sprinkles :) Ohh and a blue cupcake liner to match my cupcake tattoo :)

  18. Nicole

    The chocolate with raspberry glaze! Not only would I sleep on it…I would dream about cupcakes and wake up very hungry!

  19. Jessica Lynn

    I adore the strawberry cream cheese cupcake!! It looks a lot like my cupcake tattoo, which is partly why I love it :) I really like the custom cupcakes as well, because I could have her create one that looks exactly like my tattoo! I think a mint chocolate chip cupcake would be a great addition. The brown and mint green would be a lovely addition to anyone’s home with a brown color scheme.

  20. littleAnu

    Yall are so precious!! Thanks for the kind words about my little cuppies & i LOVE all the ideas too!!
    i’m seriously drooling over here reading about all the flavor ideas. I’ve been wanting to make a mint chocolate chip one, so ya’ll have inspired me to paint one today, so i’ll be posting it soon.
    And i’ve thought about puffy earrings too, so Tiffany.. i’m on it! :)

  21. Samantha

    love that its recycled!!!!
    uhm lets see, how about double chocolate chip, or blueberry, banana, dark chocolate, mmm lemon cupcakes and cinnamon are deee-lish

  22. Lindsey

    I want to fill my bed with cupcakes pillows now!! I would love to see a marble cupcake with a creamy buttercream icing..yummy!

  23. shanshea

    i think the strawberry cream cheese is adorable, but i think red velvet would be a good addition!

  24. Sara

    that cupcake ring is adorable

  25. Kira Adams

    I like the Cherry Vanilla color scheme the best!

  26. Melisser

    Ooh, I’m in love with the Strawberry Cream Cheese!

  27. dymphna

    i’d pick the LARGE Cherry Vanilla Cupcake Pillow I love it!!!!
    Great Idea

  28. Julie

    Would love to see on don ein purple it is my favortie color ! Like a mixed berry cupcake.

    The puff cupcake ring is cool too !

  29. Christina Moreno

    The Strawberry cake with a Sweet Cream Cheese frosting is soo cute i would love to get one for my 4 month old daughter.

  30. Heather

    Oh I just adore the Raspberry White Chocolate Mocha Cupcake. I think it would be really cute to somehow make the cup cakes into an apron. Use the cute cupcakes for the top part of the apron and then make a cute, simple little apron bottom. :)

  31. littleAnu

    Heather, that’s an excellent idea for the apron!
    My mom and i were brainstorming about making little girl baby headbands with a big puffy cupcake and tulle on it! gotta get on it. :)

  32. Tracey Byram

    Emily is obsessed with all things cupcake. Cupcakes on clothing, on earrings, on her backpack. She would like the Cherry Vanilla Cupcake Pillow .

  33. Lise

    I absolutely love the little “Snackie” pillows. So colorful and cute! What a talent you have!

  34. Sandy

    Love them all – they’re so darling! I’m thinking that a cherry cupcake with pink frosting and chocolate sprinkles would be cute. And I love love LOVE the idea for the apron!! Sign me up…

  35. Kimmy

    Love the Dark Chocolate Raspberry! I would also love to see a Chocolate Coconut one :) Her items are just so cool! I wish I could have them all. :)

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    […] the last day to enter to win our Cupcake Pillow giveaway sponsored by littleanu.  Please click here to enter! […]

  37. adrian

    talk about having sweet dreams!!!
    the Raspberry White Chocolate Mocha Cupcake is adorable!!

  38. Sara-Cupcake

    I like the Strawberry Cream Cheese Cupcake! But I think it would match my decor better with a medium sky blue wrapper.

    I love your work!

  39. Chris

    I love the big one with blue frosting!

  40. Danielle

    I love them all!! But my cherry vanilla cupcake pillow is my favorite :o)

  41. Pam

    Like the cherry cupcake with sprinkles!

  42. Fontana

    I LOVE the pillows there so cute and i want a ring =P The flavour im really liking is cherry vanilla! The colour combinations are nice! Im so happy i found this site now i know imnot the only cupcake lover out there! =)

  43. Tara kurkowsky

    I am a baker and a stay at home mom, and
    I absolutely love to bake cupcakes!!
    Those pillows are the coolest thing I have ever seen!! Those pillows would look great in my house!! Love them!!

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