Barfing Cupcake And Flower Tattoo

By on November 10th, 2009 . Filed under: Artwork, Tattoos .

This week we have some non-traditional cupcake tattoos! They look fantastic.

Barfing Cupcake Tattoo

Here is a tattoo someone got of my barfing cupcake.  You can also buy a barfing cupcake button (cuter than it sounds…) that i designed from this website.

amanda kirk

Flower Vine Cupcake Tattoo

I love your site! It’s so fun to go to. When ever I feel down I look on it and it makes me happy.
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6 Responses to Barfing Cupcake And Flower Tattoo

  1. Michelle

    I love cupcakes but this barfing one makes me want to throw up. Why permantely attach this to yourself. Ick!

  2. leslie

    i think the one throwing up is pretty cute. but, don’t really know why anyone has tattoos of anything so what do i know. anyway it made me laugh!

  3. Avi

    Hey, thats my thigh!
    Michelle — My reason for getting this tattoo is because it is awesome.
    Leslie — Yay!!

  4. kiki

    i LOVE the flower cupcake tattoo. i hope this person wont be offended if i got something similar some day… <3

    the barfing one is super cute too, i might just buy the button :)

  5. Space heater

    hcwckrhwxeurrhwllfor, space heater, MiycDZD.

  6. Valerie

    The Cupcake vine is adorable and feminine…Love it!

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