Women’s Cupcake Shirt

By on November 6th, 2009 . Filed under: Clothing, Cupcake Ideas .

There are so many cupcake shirts, dresses and pajamas in stores for little girls right now.   I went into my daughter’s closet today and counted 15 cupcakes shirts that I have bought for her!  I have looked long and hard to find a cupcake shirt for myself that doesn’t make me look like I raided her wardrobe.  I finally found one!


(No, this isn’t me!) 

This shirt was made by DressingOnTheSideand it is pen and ink artwork silkscreened on a supersoft white women’s basic crewneck t-shirt.  It is a lightweight shirt which makes it perfect for layering.    She advised me to get one size larger than my normal size and it fits me great.   Please note that she has a limited stock of this cute cupcake design.   DressingOnThe Side is currently running a special for ATC fans.  Just mention All Things Cupcake at checkout and you will receive $5 off!

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  1. steph

    hehe i just bought this…i think it’s a cute preggo tshirt gift for myself ;)

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