2009 Halloween Cupcake Reader Submissions – Part 4

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At the end cupcakes costumes are overwhelmingly sweet.

Just wanted to share pictures of my daughter’s cupcake costume (instructions from the Food Network). Thought you would get a kick out of it.  I thought it was the most original costume I saw all night…maybe I’m a little biased! ;-)

— Liz


Hello! My daughter was thrilled with her cupcake costume this year, and to have Mommy as her baker!:)

The costume was custom made by Brittany sweetplume.etsy.com
The Pink Sprinkles Cupcakes Earrings were custom by SaintsNSinners.etsy.com
Cupcake Tote(for trick or treating): lmgboutique.etsy.com
My Cupcake Party Hat: tiffytart.etsy.com


Cupcake Kid

Cupcake Baker Costume

First I bought yardage of felt online in light pink and brown, I laid out some guesstimations as to how wide I wanted the diameter of the ‘icing’ to drape outward and the skirt length/volume of the ‘ripples’ for the cup. The rest thereafter was just taking things in to fit perfectly. Also, to add more cupcake volume/goodness, I added a second and third layer of ‘icing’ that would tie on across the bust and back. Felt is a very forgiving fabric and was so fun to work with! I topped off the ‘icing’ with an array of complimentary colored jimmies to complete the ensemble! And lastly, I created a fabulous headband with a giant, bead-adorned strawberry; whipped cream frills and a white ribbon burst for a touch of girly-charm.

– Jocelynn

homemade cupcake costume

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