Cupcake Tote Giveaway

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This week’s giveaway comes to us from Etsy seller namethatthing.   Her shop specializes in personalized items.   She finds the best buys on popular items and can embroider a name, initials or clip art.  I was so excited to get this little cupcake tote in the mail from them:


The bag was well made and is probably the cutest cupcake bag I have ever seen.  She has so many bags that would be great for gift-giving this holiday season or for goodie bags for a special birthday party.   I also love these other cupcakes from her shop:


Now it is your chance to win your own cupcake bag (you pick which one!) and have it personalized!   Just go to namethatthing’s shop and take a few minutes to look around.  Then come back here to ATC and click on the comment area below.  Please tell us what non-cupcake you like best and why.  One winner will be chosen on November 9th.  Thank you namethatthing for sponsoring this giveaway!

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92 Responses to Cupcake Tote Giveaway

  1. Tiffaney

    I like the personalized christmas felt bags. Well, I like everything, but those reindeer are super cute :)

  2. lovey-dovey

    I like the set of 12 christmas bags. Very cute and very useful (and reusable).

  3. Cake Believe

    I think the froggy backpack is too cute! Of course I’m in LOVE with the cupcakes on the pedestal!

  4. Leah

    Love the personalized reversable purse. Great site, and super afforable!

  5. cris

    i loved the personalized backpack and that tote bag with a crown. all the bags are lovely! :D

  6. monica

    LOVE the lunch bags and aprons!

  7. Princess Heather

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the lunchboxes! How stinking cute will the pink one look with Princess Heather put on it?!?! I need it, definitely going on my xmas etsy wish list! At the TOP! :D Love your shop, thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Liz

    I adored the kids’ personalized aprons. I could see my daughter wearing one with me. I also liked the lunch bags. Who doesn’t want to have the best looking lunch bag in the office fridge?!

  9. Quraisha

    i think that the personalized toddler backpacks lipstick is just the cutest girliest thing ever !! i also lurve the personalized baby blanket & stuffed animal giraffe – i just can’t get over it :)

  10. BeeJay

    Namethatthing’s items were all cute, but I just turned 21 recently so I really like the wine and beer carriers! It would be a cute gift idea for any 21 year old!

  11. Sara

    I just love the Personalized Kids Aprons as well!

  12. Diana G

    I adore the personalized lunch bag…too bad my little man is too young for school still

  13. sarah

    The personalized 6 pack holder. Whether is beer or soda, its one less bulky thinh you have to carry !! You’ll have room in your other hand for your cuppy cakes :]

  14. Debbie

    I love the green cupcake tote…too cute!!!

  15. Sara

    the aprons are so nice

  16. Keli

    I love the personalized christmas gift bags! Those would be perfect to put cookies in for the kids’ teachers and the hubby’s co-workers!

  17. Mary

    I think the personalized Christmas bags are a great idea to use for Santa to fill with small gifts, candy, etc. You can pack them away with Xmas decorations and use them every year.

  18. Danyelle

    I liked the personalized alphabet market tote bag… or the whale towels… or… :)

  19. lindsey

    I love the Zebra towels, I wanna do my bathroom in zebra print with touches of pink, so those towels would be perfect and I could get my initials on them in pink!!

  20. Maureen

    I love the Personalized Dish Towels Damask Print in Green. These would add that special touch to my kitchen especially for the Holidays and for St Patrick’s Day later in the year.

  21. zealandsmom

    Love the lunchboxes!! Such a cute store!

  22. Mariah

    I LOVE the lunch totes & the pig baby blanket stuffed animal.

  23. Kira Adams

    I really love the laptop bag, super cute and cheep! I might actually buy that, I need a new school bag.

  24. Evil_Cupcake

    I think the personalized laptop bag would suite me best – that way I can check your blog where ever I am, in style!

  25. Candace R

    LOVE the lunch totes! So chic and cute!! the green and pink is my fave.

  26. Angie

    I love the personalized toddler backpacks! Especially the lipstick one. Super cute and reasonably priced!

  27. Carol

    These are adorable: Personalized Christmas Goody Bag!

    I would fill each with goodies for my four children. Thanks for the chance to win.

  28. Danielle P

    I loved the personalized baby blanket and stuffed animal, that would be great for a baby who has an uniquw name that you can’t find on things.

  29. SUSAN

    the christmas bags are the cutest I love them!

  30. Rachael

    I love the personalized kids tote bags for the holidays and particularly this bag because I’m a sucker for cute dogs

  31. Angela C

    I like the Set of 6 Christmas Personalized Gift Bags. They are so cute.


  32. steffi

    I love this soccer bag:

    Very cute – I love soccer and it’s actually something I would use myself :P

  33. Janette

    I love the personalized lunch tote in green/pink!

  34. Adrienne

    I love the Personalized Market Tote Recycle Bag. Anytime something can be functional, unique, and is eco-friendly is something that I love. This would make a great gift. Thank you for a chance to win =)

  35. Deb D

    I like the personalised damask dish towels because I love damask and one can never have too many dish towels!!!

  36. Sally

    I love the grocery tote with all the colorful letters on it!

  37. judy brittle

    I really love the Personalized Frog Backpack! That is so cute! Thank you!

  38. Martine

    My favorite item is
    the Personalized Apron because I like cooking and this one is in my favorite colors black and red. Also I like the big white flowers. It fits perfect to my new style because my bedroom is in this colors too lol

  39. Jenna

    The Giraffe print towels are cute!

  40. Desiree Glaze

    I LOVE her site! I also like the zebra print bath towel.

  41. Anne G

    I like the Personalized Set of Reusable Shopping Bags, because they look much better than the boring black reusable bags I have been using.

  42. Erica

    Personalized Felt Christmas Goody Bags
    I hate to wrap presents and I always feel guilty just getting a gift bag. Using these would be easy for me and show that I put some thought into my gift giving:)

  43. Melissab

    I would have to say i love the Personalized Rock Star Sling Tote. That looks awesome.My niece would try to steal the tote i think.

  44. Lise

    I definately like the Personalized Felt Bag with Cake stand full of cupcakes. Her items are so darn cute! Cupcakes! Cupcakes! Cupcakes!

  45. egater

    I like Personalized Blue Giraffe Print Desk Caddy

  46. Karyn

    Love this backpack, my daughter has it for pre-k but I would love it if we had it personalized :)

  47. Sylvia

    I like the Personalized Toy Bucket

  48. Kate

    I love the personalized reversable purse! Over the shoulder and super cute :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  49. Kelly Ann T.

    I like the Personalized Cabanna Beach Towels

  50. Laura

    I adore the Personalized Kids Apron because they are practical yet oh so cute!

  51. Corinne Tanner

    I love the laptop bag, cute and inexpensive, ive been needing one for awhile, hmm…

  52. Jennifer B

    I like the personalized market recycle tote with alphabet– so cute!

  53. rockerjewlz

    Personalized Toddler Backpacks Lipstick is really cute. Nice shapes.

  54. Patti Bright

    Love the 12 Christmas bags!

  55. Spw

    Love the bags, so cute and so many choices…namegame…sweettotes

  56. Ashley

    I love the personalized lunch bags! I would love to get one of those to take my lunch/snacks with me on my longest day of classes!

  57. Jackee

    My favorite was the zebra “Personalized Diaper Bag/Pool Bag”!!
    Seriously, so adorable :)

  58. Aik

    I love the Gingerbread Man Personalized Party Bag.

  59. Tote Giveaway | All Things Cupcake

    […] the last day to enter to win our Cupcake Tote giveaway sponsored by namethatthing.  Please click here to […]

  60. Holly

    I love the cupcake kid tote. Ever since my baby girl was born, I’ve gone hog wild for cupcake themed stuff for her. Now she loves cupcakes and she would love the bag to put her ponies in. Also, the Christmas bags are adorable and would make wonderful presents for preschool teachers stuffed with all sorts of yummy goodies.

  61. Cari M

    I love the blue and brown lunch tote! very cute stuff!!!

  62. kimberley

    love the aprons!!

  63. Kiley Smith

    I love love love the Set of 12 Personalized Felt Christmas Kids Totes!

  64. MsNani

    OMG! Totally in love with the Pink & Green Mommy & Me apron set. My little cupcake and me love to bake and why wouldn’t we want to look stylish doing it! ♥ ♥ ♥

  65. Emi

    I LOVE the personalized reversible purse. It reminds me of spirograph! Hours of fun with that as a kid. Also colors are bright and obnoxious just like me!!

  66. Michele P.

    oh my goodness, those cute little personalized stuffed animals and baby blankets are so cute! I love the cute little giraffe, and they would make great new baby or shower gifts too!

  67. trixx

    Love the personalized kids aprons, so stylish and love the embroidery touch!

  68. Stephanie

    My fave is the laptop bag. I can totally see myself carrying it around.

  69. Sarah A

    The christmas bags are so sweet, lovely site with lovely things

  70. Sara

    LOVE the aprons and the felt xmas bags!

  71. Katie

    i liked the personalized reusable market totes! i’m all about that…

  72. Anne P

    I do love the personalized baby towel set – with the yellow duckies all in a row!

  73. Elle

    I LOVE the personalized lunch tote in pink and green. It’s my favorite color combo, and it coordinates beautifully with my favorite apron! (who knows–one day I may want to wear it to work) It’s perfectly sized to fit an ice pack to keep cold confections cool! My current bento bag is much loved, and visibly so.
    This adorable little thing gets my vote. :3 (just look at the little bow…)
    I also love the personalized name-tag holders in the pretty fabric–goodness knows mine could use some spiffing.

  74. Kathy Owen

    Oh my gosh I just found this site trying to find some cupcake boxes to buy for my handmade cupcakes. I love the personalized mommy and me aprons. This site is on my favorites now. Thanks for the chance to win something so nice. Karth’ at

  75. Lauren

    I love the pink fish, Fishy Toddler Backpack.

  76. Katie

    I love the lunch totes!

  77. Lisa

    I just love the sweet Personalized Holiday Goody Bags! And I love how affordable they are, I’m going to order some =)

  78. Chaya

    I love the towels. There are great patterns, some so cute.

    She has wonderful merchandise.

  79. Leslie Adcock

    I loved the mom and me apron

  80. Tasha Nagy

    The zebra towels are my favorite! How down-right funky and so unlike anything you can find in the stores. Such a great website!

  81. Damara Jennings

    I LOVED the cupcake bag! My daughter will be one in December and her theme is everything cupcake!! I thought the cupcake bag would make the perfect little memory keeper!!

  82. Erica

    The personalized party bag with the gingerbread man is deliciously cute! I would use it as an everyday purse!

  83. Jennifer

    Love the candy cane bag!

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  86. Danielle

    I love love love the toddler chef hat! Im a cake decorator and my son would love to where it when he’s helping me in the kitchen.

  87. Arielle Dipenbrock

    I’m just a regular teenage girl who really adores all these cupcake items. I would definitely love to get one for free. I’d be able to show it off to my friends, they’d be jealous and might even try to buy one or two. Please pick Arielle Diepenbrock.

  88. lisa

    how can i order some cupcake tote bags.. please email me the price and all details relating to shopping in this web site.

  89. Shawna

    ooh it’s gotta be the personalizable rain boots!!!! How fun.

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  91. Valerie

    Your fabrics are so bright and fun…but those personalized rain boots are adorable! What an awesome gift idea…nice website!

  92. Kelley Barbier

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