Taco Bell Cupcakes!?

By on October 31st, 2009 . Filed under: Announcements, Bakeries, Other .

Did you ever think that you would see Cupcakes at a Taco Bell? Well if you live in certain parts of California you may be able to taste test them. Click HERE to read more about Taco Bell Cupcakes and other items that they are also testing!


They don’t look too yummy and if you read the article, they didn’t get the best review! If anyone has tried them let us know!

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1 Response to Taco Bell Cupcakes!?

  1. Cake Believe

    Huh???? Wha?????? Ewwww!
    Something tells me this won’t go much farther. I mean, you know how everything smells like tacos….ewww…..taco flavored cupcakes!

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