Halloween Cupcakes with a Neon Surprise

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Halloween inspires fear in us…  and fear motivates us to innovate?  ATC is happy to celebrate the creativity of its readers this Halloween season.   Here is a halloween cupcake idea sent in by Erin from Sandy, UT:

I just wanted to tell you how much i love your site and  share a cute halloween cupcake idea with all of your readers. My boyfriend Chris and i love to make rainbow/tie-dye cupcakes, so to celebrate the season we put i little twist on the traditional look.

We used the Betty Cocker Neon Gel Food Coloring to get all of these awesome colors(even the green for the icing)

All you need is a boxed white cake mix made according to the instructions. then divide the batter up in to separate bowls and dye each bowl a different color.

Spoon a little bit of each color into a cupcake liner to get the cute layered look then bake according to the box. these cupcakes are always a big hit and very fun to make.

-Erin from Sandy, UT

Halloween Cupcake Spider

Halloween Cupcake Batter Colors

Halloween Cupcake Neon Surprise

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  1. Rylan: Art and Appetite

    That is soooo neat! I love it! totally great for Holloween. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Screamin' Mama

    Love them!! What a great twist on Halloween cupcakes.

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