Giant Stroller Cupcake

By on October 28th, 2009 . Filed under: Crafts, Cupcake Ideas, Halloween, Holidays, Kids .

My husband and I decided that our baby girl (Avalon, 7 months) would be a cupcake for her first Halloween. I needed some ideas and found your website! I bought her a knitted cupcake hat from Etsy, made her a cupcake shirt and pants (cupcake iron-ons), and since she is too young to walk, turned her stroller into a giant cupcake. Thank you for your website and inspiration!

Thank you for sharing with step-by-step photos of such a innovative concept! – ATC

cupcake stroller 1

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11 Responses to Giant Stroller Cupcake

  1. crabbechic

    So cute!! And she looks so comfortable too!

  2. stayhomecupcake

    This is amazing!!

  3. Irene

    OMG, very cute. If only my girl was a baby still.

  4. lindsey

    Soo cute! makes me wanna another baby hehe : )

  5. HeatherLynn

    This is amazing!!!

  6. Melissa

    I have that Jeep stroller!!! Wish mine was pimped out like a cupcake :) LOVE it. Some people are so creative.

  7. minnie401

    i LOVE that stroller!! that’s just so creative & cute!!

  8. Ashley

    Too cute! What a great idea!

  9. Jennifer

    You did a great Job!!!!

  10. Addison's Mommy

    I would love to make this for my daughter’s cupcake birthday party. I just cannot figure out how you did the icing part. Do you have tutorial?

  11. Saskatoon photographer

    I think youve produced some actually interesting points. Not too many people would really think about this the way you just did. Im actually impressed that theres so much about this topic thats been uncovered and you did it so well, with so much class. Excellent 1 you, man! Really fantastic stuff right here.

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