Nana’s Famous Chocolate (Cup)Cake!

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I think that we all have that ONE dessert that someone in your family was famous for making! I certaintly do! My Nana always use to make a cake for our birthdays and other holidays. Our birthday would always roll around and she would always ask, ” What kind of cake do you want?’ We had 2 choices, Chocolate Cake or Banana Cake, both homemade. Most people ALWAYS chose the the Chocolate cake. And she would always put it on this super special Birthday Plate.

As the days go on she is unable to make this cake . So my family and I have taken upon ourselves to try and replicate this delcious treat.For some reason most people can not make it right.  My mother and brother have successfully made it and now it is my turn. So being the cupcake geek I am put a little twist on them … cupcake style!  Here is a quick photo adventure of my cooking venture …






I used a simple buttercream chocolate frosting. They were YUMMMY! If  anyone wants the recipe, reply to this with your email and I can send it to you!

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20 Responses to Nana’s Famous Chocolate (Cup)Cake!

  1. Courtney Anderson

    I would love to have this recipe. They look like they dome perfectly!

  2. Kiley Smith

    Oh yes, please me! me! I would love the recipe!

  3. Erin Evelyn

    i would love a copy of this recipe. i have been looking for a good chocolate cake recipe for a long time! Maybe share your chocolate buttercream frosting recipe too?

  4. Lauri

    I would love this recipe, thanks!!!

  5. HeatherLynn

    Awesome ladies … i will send it out to you tomorrow!

  6. Gail

    Thanks for the offer of the chocolate cake recipe. The cupcakes look perfect and I would really like to have it. Thanks, again. P.s. nice blog too

  7. IcedNyior

    Hi, im a first time visitor to ur blog. The cupcake looks awesome. Could I have please have the recipe for it and the frosting too please?

  8. kailee

    may i please have this recipe, too???

  9. christy

    makes my mouth water! please do share. thank you!

  10. kendy

    hihi, looks perfect! can please send me the recipe???

  11. Linda

    I have the cupcake fever!! Yes, please send the recipe along with the frosting too!…thank you :>

  12. Terri

    Could you please send me the one bowl chocolate cake recipe.

  13. cool

    hi I would love to have the recipe. I’m trying to look for choco 6″ cake recipe too. wonder if you have it? possible to send me too…. thankie!!!!

  14. Ingrid

    I would love to have this recipe. They look delicious!

  15. Colleen

    Yes…looking yummy. PLEASE send the recepie!

  16. Gracie

    Would love to have this recipe

  17. Tiffany

    Please send me the recipe!!!!! yum yum! THANKS.

  18. pilialoha

    I would love to have this recipe so that my kids could taste them…i know they would like it. Thanks!

  19. Michelle

    I would absolutely love to try your chocolate cake recipe. Thanks!

  20. Dexa

    Me too..pls.

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