HeatherLynn’s Cupcake Tattoo!

By on October 27th, 2009 . Filed under: Cupcake Ideas, Tattoos .

So i just recently got some new ink, a cupcake to be exact.  I got it done by  Albie Rock at White Mountain Tattoo in North Conway NH. I made cupcakes for the Tattoo peeps so they could tattoo that cupcake on me.

Albie did a GREAT job … he had alot of fun doing it and he even thanked me for letting him do such a fun tattoo.  And like me he is an avid blogger so he blogs every day and he called me a “Cute as a Cupcake Tatster”in his blog,  ahhh i love it! So here is the new love of my life … try not to drool over it  because it does look that tasty!


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4 Responses to HeatherLynn’s Cupcake Tattoo!

  1. stayhomecupcake

    Way to go HeatherLynn!

  2. harrisonca

    Very nice!

  3. ALICE

    why is it upside down? :O anyways, besides that, they did an amaizing job with the coloring and shades, i ♥ it

  4. HeatherLynn

    Its not upside down … its so I can see it! <3

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