What Cupcake Fans do for Halloween

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by Sandra Liatsos

There’s a goblin at my window,
A monster by my door.
The pumpkin at my table
Keeps on smiling more and more.
There’s a ghost who haunts my bedroom,
A witch whose face is green.
They used to be my family,
Till they dressed for Halloween.


As Halloween approaches, we are all gearing up for this special day!

halloween pumpkin cupcake monster

hi there! my husband and I came up with this cupcake monster pumpkin, after our daughter, Brooklyn, whom we lovingly refer to as our cupcake. enjoy! mai and david

Halloween Spider Cupcakes

Spider cupcakes submitted by Colleen.  Do you dare to eat them?

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  1. Mina Rahnema

    So much fun! I love how whimsical Halloween time can be. A jack-o-lantern skeleton hand grabbing a cupcake is perfect!

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