October Cupcake Tattoos

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dark cupcake tattoo

I got this tattoo after many months of waiting. My sister and I have always been into cupcakes, and I wanted to show my love for them as well as my appreciation for her being my sister. After endless hours of looking at other cupcake tattoos, I knew it was time to get my own. I hope everyone likes it as much as I do! – Allison

cupcake tattoo thigh

My name is Julie & I am from Gateshead, UK. I would like to contribute my Cupcake tattoo to your fabulous site! I originally had my cupcake done in Nov last year then finally had it “pimped” 2 weeks ago to put the icing on the cake – so to speak! Haha!

I totally love cupcakes & adore my tattoo! It was done by Danny Edwards & pimped by Dan Kelly both of Voodoo Tattoo in Warrington, UK!

cupcake tatt

Here is my cupcake tattoo with my daughter’s nick name. It was done by my friend Jenny a.k.a. “Little” at Good Luck Tattoo in Santa Cruz. – Vanessa

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4 Responses to October Cupcake Tattoos

  1. Mina Rahnema

    I really like the idea of a cupcake tattoo! I wonder that mine would look like.. thanks for sharing!

  2. Allison

    Oops! I forgot to add that my work (the one that says Molly Kay) was done by Jeff Brown and Holdfast Tattoo in Dallas, Tx.
    He’s great!

  3. person

    i luv cupcakes but i woude never get get a tattoo

  4. corporate cupcakes warrington

    Nice Post. I have been working in the food and catering industry for a long time and loves to read on the latest stuff whenever got time. I just came through your blog post and you have nicely outlined about the cupcakes etc. Thanks for writing such a good post and hope you will be posting stuff like this on regular basis as I have subscribed to your blog.

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