Cupcake Wall Art Giveaway

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This week’s giveaway comes from Etsy seller tweetheartwallart. Tweet Heart Wall Art is a design studio that specializes in vinyl wall art. They only use top quality vinyl that is made for home interiors. The vinyl has a matte finish, giving you a painted on look. Vinyl wall arts are an easy and affordable way to decorate and personalize your home. Tweet Heart also specializes in custom design, including custom sizing, colors and personalization.


TweetHeart sent me these 4 cupcake decals in pink and brown.  I displayed them on a wall in my craft room (which is quickly becoming my cupcake room!) and I love it.   They were very easy to adhear  and it really added something special to the room.  They truly do look painted onto the wall.  I think they would be a perfect addition to any baker’s kitchen.

This week tweetheartwallart is giving away these four cupcake decals to one lucky ATC reader.  You even get to choose the color(s)you want!


To enter this giveaway, click here and go to tweetheartwallart and have a look around at the wall art she makes.  Then come back to ATC and leave a comment in the comment area below telling us how you would use another decal in your house.  One winner will be chosen on Monday, October 26th.  Thanks tweetheartwallart for sponsoring this wonderful giveaway!

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69 Responses to Cupcake Wall Art Giveaway

  1. Erica

    The owl made me laugh out loud. I would love to put him on the back of my bathroom door to surprise guests.

  2. Susan

    I think I would use the “Owl on a Branch Vinyl Laptop Decal” to stare me down when I’m procrastinating instead of working on my computer.

  3. Kelly L.

    I’m in love with all of their carousel horse designs. I may go back soon to buy the laptop one = ]

  4. Maria

    I love the laundry room decals – they’re so cute. And getting my kids’ names would be awesome for their walls. I want one of everything in her shop!

  5. Ashley

    I love the ‘Freshly Squeezed Lemonade” decal! How cute would that look in a retro-styled kitchen!

  6. Caroline

    I LOVE the Chandelier Silhouette! That would look perfect in my new closet that I am painting and decorating to become a chic little space. :O)

  7. dymphna

    i love the branch with bird house

  8. Melissa

    I want to put a couple of those cupcakes on my refrigerator. Too cute!!

  9. Katie

    I can’t get enough of the cupcake decals! I would put the Sweet Cupcakes Vinyl Wall Decal in my kitchen to match my pink kitchenaid stand mixer!

  10. shanshea

    how exciting! i love this etsy seller! besides the cupcakes i love the chandeliers and the laundry signs!

  11. Gina

    I love so many of them! I really like the Laundry room one! I’ve been looking for something to spruce up my laundry room! And I love the Kitchen is the heart of the home one! That one fits me so well! We don’t have much wall space in our kitchen but I would so find a spot for that one!

  12. lindsey

    I love the Custom Name Vinyl Wall Decals… my sons name is Keegan and I never can find anything with his name. He just turnrd 4 and would love to to this in his room above his new big boy bed!! Too cute. His room is done is pirates and I love how you can choose the font and color to match!

  13. Kira Adams

    So cute! I would put either the chandelier silhouette or the Victorian peacocks in my bedroom.

  14. Cindy

    I love the modern monogram decal – it would look great in the entryway to our townhouse! The falling autumn leaves are pretty too and very unique!

  15. Kayla

    I would decorate my kitchen with them. Too Cute:)

  16. Stephanie

    The Tree of Love decal in my living room. Anything green and leafy tends to die in my care, so this would be perfect!

  17. ashleigh B

    I need the laptop rose decal to cover the scratches my 3 yr old has made.

  18. amber b

    I would get a few of the flower bunches and stick them up behind all my vases filled with glass rocks….it would look super cute i think!

  19. lollicakes

    I LOVE the chandelier…I would love to put one in my princess baby granddaughter’s room so that she would truly be a princess!

  20. Vicky

    The Owl on a Branch Vinyl for the laptop is brilliant! I would love to have it on my laptop.. it would probably make me smarter at school too. Seeing that its an owl and all.

  21. Margarita

    I LOVE the Paris Love decal – I would use it in a hallway to make it look a little bit different – very cute.

  22. Candace R

    I love the Chandelier Silhouette in Framed Oval. It would look awesome on my daughter’s wall. Her room is black and white damask with hints of pink. Beautiful wall decals!

  23. Sara

    I enjoyed the owl and the squirrel the most!

    They would go in my room for sure!

  24. Danielle P

    I would put 2 chandalier silhouettes in my bedroom, one over each of my night stands

  25. KiKi

    of course i LOVe the cupcake decals, but i adore the forest of love ones as well. i would totally use them to spruce up my extremely boring office at work!

  26. doreen

    O.M.G – I LOVE LOVE LOVE these! Such a great way to dress up a room w/out having to hang pictures! The ‘Tree of Love’ would be perfect in my daughter’s room.

  27. Guin N.

    Wow all of those decals are so cool I couldn’t pick just one! But if I had to pick…I would choose the falling leaves, and put them over my worktable, to remind me of Autumn in Maine when I move – definitely the best part of living in New England! Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  28. mamasita

    i love the freshly squeezed lemonade decal,my kitchen is “retro inspired”
    and i have it painted in “pink lemonade color”
    i will buy that one,and some retro circles or some modern flowers!!
    also i wanna get my kid’s names… they are lovely!

  29. Belinda T.

    The Sweet Cupcakes Vinyl Wall Decal is so cute and would be a perfect addition to my daughters (due late January) nursery, her bedding has pies, cupcakes and ice cream cones on it! So precious.

  30. Drea

    I love all the decals! But two especially…the Fresh Squeezed Lemonade is so cool! I have a pink and yellow kitchen which I call my “pink lemonade kitchen,” and that sign in pink would be a great addition! I also loooove the autumn leaves…being a New Englander transplanted in Florida in autumn, I miss those leaves! I’d love a set to blow over my fireplace in the living room…kind of funny, since I’ll never use that fireplace down here! =)

  31. Lise

    I would love to have the Mama and Baby dinosaur. It would look really cool in my son’s bedroom.

  32. Kati

    Love the laundry room decals-they are all soo cute!

  33. Marissa

    I would love to have several of these! I would use the rainy days in my fairy nursey, the no soliciting for the bathroom door, and naturally the cupcakes in the sweett shop kitchen!

  34. Emily Harris

    I absolutely love the laundry room decals. The rain drops would also look amazing in my bathroom!

  35. RockerJewlz

    I would love to use the “Hot Bath” sign outside the powder room and put the Elk on a tall wall above a fireplace mantel.

  36. Lori

    Wonderful work! The modern flower decals would be an inspiration on the walls of my jewelry studio.

  37. Lauren

    I can’t decide between the chandelier or the owl on a branch. Such a wonderful, creative idea!

  38. Annette S.

    We just finished renovating our kitchen and I would love to have these cupcake wall art stickers up to finish the room off. I still haven’t picked anything for the walls, so maybe this was meant to be :-)

  39. Heather H.

    I think that the Bird Nest Monogram would look cute over my bed!

  40. Mandie

    Oooh, as soon as I get some more munnaayyy I’m going to get the Tree of Love decal and put it my toddler’s room. SO CUTE!

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  42. Melissa AB

    I like the bubble bath, i would use that in a bedroom, because it might relax you, as if you were in the bath tub.

  43. hollee

    I love the wild heart flowers and I love how it looks behind the couch! I love them all actually!

  44. Courtney Anderson

    I like the heart of the home. Would look great about my oven! LOVE IT!

  45. Jessica A.

    I love the bath tub one. I am redoing my bathroom over the winter break and I am soooo getting that one!

  46. Annette S.

    Oops I should have written in which one other than the cupcakes. I would have to pick the Chandelier, it’s just too fun!!

  47. Amber A

    I love love the owl! So super cute!

  48. Stephanie

    Such a fan of the forest of love. I think it would look cute by the window in my room. But just imagine it as a laptop vinyl. How cute would that be:)

  49. Jessica

    I love the bird and the birdhouse. It be great over the sofa

  50. Kara C

    I really like the red roses that you can put on your laptop!! It would be great to have the cupcakes as a laptop vinyl as well!!

  51. KayLad

    The owl decal is hands-down my favorite. I have this obsession with owls that’s really quite serious.

  52. Jessica

    I would slap on the Mommy and Me Dinosaurs Vinyl Wall Decal. I’m not a mommy, but I’m friends with a few paleontologists. ;)

  53. Stacey Thomas

    My house theme is autumn, as is my blog. Those adorable autumn leaves could be scattered everywhere throughout my home, connecting every room. Imagine my own swirling vortex of leaves, blowing room to room…awesome!

  54. adrian

    I would use the squirrel & flower bunch in my den–we always here the sqirrels across the windowsill in there.

  55. Jennifer

    LOVE LOVE LOVE everything on this site, but the owl on a branch is my favorite (along with the cupcakes, of course)! I have the perfect wall at the beginning of my hallway that needs a little something, but not too much, and the owl has so much character! CUTE!

  56. Evil_Cupcake

    The dinos are absolutely adorable, and would incredible in my nephew’s bedroom – but personally, I <3 <3 <3 the chandellier ones! My bedroom is in all pink and black, and one of those would look super epic in their!!!

  57. Lincoln Hermann

    Thanks for sharing this one!

  58. S.Mick

    I love the bubbles! So clever to put in the wash room! It’s a nice way to spice up a room that most people over look!

  59. Hevinlee Melton

    I personally LOVE ‘all’ the decals of yours. I can find a wall or object for every decal you make !!! They’re so versatile !! Love’em!

  60. Robin Roesky

    I love all of the decals! I would absolutely have to have the cupcakes with the word “Sweet” above for our new business we are opening–a dessert/coffee shop! Then for my home, it would be so hard to choose, but at least my daughter’s name for her room. Thank you for telling us about her art!

  61. Jo

    I really love the initials carved into a tree. I would put it in a place where me and my husband and our children could see it everyday. Above our mantel.

  62. Willis Kho

    It is completely new idea in home design. It is a piece of cake, even the kids can implement wall sticker vinyls.

  63. Nicole Call

    after looking on the website, the decal i would love to have besides the cupcakes would have to be the chandelier, its so chic and girly! i would put it on the wall behind my bed and every time i walked into my room i would feel like a princess! :]

  64. akw810

    I would love the monkeys, but I would allow jumping on the bed!

  65. Lenore

    Birds nest monogram, great way to dress up the front door!!

  66. Melissa

    I love the Relax decal with the bird resting on it, like a branch. I’m an honors student in college, living in a rural area with lots of nature, but I hardly ever have the time to go out and enjoy it. That decal would go on my wall, next to my desk, to remind me to always make time to relax and enjoy the day. <3


    i love the, owl custom name vinyl!!! my daughters name would look so pretty on the wall above her bed!, and our families last name in black would be a great accent piece in my living room!!

  68. Debbi L.Doan

    no web site yet . but would love to have thecupcakes to brighten my small kitchen I do all m creating in a tiny space and anything to liven it up is good with me my doors would like these too.

  69. Jan Stillman

    “She sells seashells by the seashore” would be a great addition to my living room – we collect shells at the Outer Banks each year and I have them displayed in a big basket by the fireplace. Would put this right behind the basket. Would also love the cupcakes as our catering business specialty is cupcakes!

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