Cupcake Beanie

By on October 19th, 2009 . Filed under: Accessories, Clothing .

Looking to buy a new winter hat? Want something different, not just the same old wool head warmer … Well dress in tasty style with this lovely Cupcake Beanie!

It comes in 2 flavors … Strawberry & Vanilla!



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8 Responses to Cupcake Beanie

  1. Ashley

    I think I might need that hat, ridiculous shipping price to Canada notwithstanding.

  2. is the ONLY company that has this item in stock!

  3. erica

    im trying to find the stawberry or vanilla cupcake beanie , but i cant seem to find any . So could you help me by seeing if theres anything for sale , and thats not SOLD OUT!!! Thank You :D

  4. hungry runner

    Hey, check, they had a couple listings:

  5. Lora

    my friend bought one of these! they look brilliant :D x

  6. jill

    how do i get one of these?!!!?

  7. lizbeth granados

    i would like to buy a beanie, how much are they and how can i order one

  8. Casey

    i make them for 15 with shipping included….check out ball and chain crocheting on facebook.

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