Cupcakes Keep You Warm

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It has turned quite chilly here in Maryland this week and I was thinking about how cupcakes can also keep you warm.    Personally, I want all of these Etsy accessories for my little cupcake and myself too!  I wonder how it might look if we walked down the street with all of these items? I think my friends might really refer me for counseling!   Is there Cupcake Addicts Annonymous (CAA)? 

Each of these crafts are from a different seller.  Just click on the photo to go to their shop.


Cupcake Scarf $42



Cupcake Hat $19


Cupcake Mittens $20



Cupcake Poncho  $32



Cupcake Cozy $10

 Keep your coffee (or hot cocoa) warm too!


Visit stayhomecupcake‘s Etsy shop.

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