Cupcake Secret Tips

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None of these cupcake tips in Newsweek magazine from Pam Nelson, owner of Butter Lane Bakery, were that ground-breaking, but these tips have a smack yourself in the forehead simplicity.  You can imagine if all the suggestions were followed, how much better tasting your cupcakes can be.  The tips are:

– Use the best butter you can find
– When possible use real ingredients not extracts or artificial substitutes
– Use real chocolate over cocoa powder
– Frosting does not have to be teeth-shattering sweet
– Wrap your cupcakes after baking to preserve moistness

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    7 Responses to Cupcake Secret Tips

    1. Cate

      Liked the cooking and baking tips – basic but very helpful. I can do that!

    2. katie

      hi i wanted cupcakes with cool decorations for my birthday

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    4. Barb

      I was looking for a tip on how to keep my cupcakes fresh after baking & frosting. I made 250 cupcakes the day before the wedding but the day of the wedding they seemed a little hard on the edges, should I have done something different besides covering them after frosted?

    5. michelle tuttle

      Baking 100 cupcakes. Is it okay 2 bake 48 hours in advance and store on covered (plastic lid) silver tray at room temp. I would like to ice them 24 hours in advance. Is this okay? I have limited refrigerator/freezer space.
      Thank you,

      Michelle Tuttle

    6. karen

      Thanks for the tips. I would like to know the answers to your other guess that wrote in for answers. I need to know the same answers.

    7. shanen

      Hi, I’d like to make cupcakes for my friend’s birthday but due to my tight schedule I can only bake the cupcakes a week from the event, wondering :
      1. Should I frost them and put them in fridge or freezer?
      2. Is it even possible to keep them moist & fresh tasting after thawing?

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